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See current list of trademarks owned by Buffalo Inc and sample trademark disclaimer text. Please contact Buffalo Americas with any questions regarding proper classification of a particular trademark.

  • TeraStationTM
  • LinkStationTM
  • DriveStationTM
  • MiniStationTM
  • AirStationTM
  • NfinitiTM
  • MediaStationTM

Sample Buffalo trademark disclaimer

©Company XYZ, 2011. BUFFALO and BUFFALO logo are trademarks of Melco Holdings Inc., AirStation and Nfiniti are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Buffalo Inc. The names and logos of other companies mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

Logos and Usage Guidelines

BUFFALO corporate brand logo is an important factor in shaping Buffalo's corporate image and accumulating brand values. Consistent usage enhances both the strength of the corporate identity and effectiveness of communication. Authorized usage of the Buffalo logos must comply with the Buffalo logo usage guidelines.
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