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Migrate configurations to another TeraStation


You can transfer saved configurations from another series TeraStation to your TeraStation. The following settings can be transferred:
• Shared folders which are created from “File Sharing” - “Folder Setup”
• Access restrictions
• Users
• Groups

Note: This feature currently supports the following TeraStation series as of August 2016. The latest compatibility information will be on the Buffalo website.
• TS-X series firmware version 1.58 or later
• TS3000 series
• TS4000 series
• TS5000 series
• TS3010 series
• TS5010 series


  • Creating a Config File from Source TeraStation

Procedure for TS-X Series
To transfer settings from TS-X series TeraStations, it will use the “NS-SHFT” software to create a config file(.nas_config). The NS-SHFT can be downloaded from the Buffalo website.
For the procedure on creating the config file, refer to the NS-SHFT user guide.

Procedure for TeraStation 3000/4000/5000/3010/5010 Series
Refer to the user manual of the TeraStation that you want to transfer settings for saving settings to a USB drive. We will use TS5000 series for example.

1.    Logon to the TeraStation WEBUI that you want to transfer configurations from. From the Management tab, click on the setting widget of the Restore/Erase.

2.    At USB Options, select “Save current configuration to a USB drive”.
Then select the Target USB Drive, and click Execute.

3.    Enter the confirmation number from the pop-up window.

4.    After a few seconds the configuration will be saved to the USB drive successfully.

5.    Access the “usbdisk x” shared folder while connecting the USB drive to the TeraStation which settings were saved in the previous step. The “x” in the folder name represents the USB port number you connected the drive to.

6.    Copy and paste the .nas_config file to the desired location on your computer.


  • Transfer configurations to the Target TeraStation

Follow the procedure below to transfer configurations to another series TeraStation. We are using TS5010 series for example.
Before transferring access restrictions with Active Directory domain users, make sure the migration target TeraStations are joined to the same domain controller.

1.    Logon to the migration target TeraStation WEBUI. From the Management tab, click on the setting widget of the “Configuration Management”.

2.    From the “Configuration Migration”, Click Browse and choose the config file (.nas_config) that was created from another TeraStation. If the config file was created with a password, enter it into the “Password” field.

3.    Then click Import.


4.    After the config was uploaded, the “Confirm Operation” screen will open. Enter the confirmation number, then click OK.
5.    The TeraStation will transfer the settings. When transferring settings is finished, click OK.

6.    You will be asked to log out and then log back in to apply the changes.


• If the migration target TeraStation contains shared folders, users, and groups that share the same name as the transferred settings, the existing settings will be overwritten.
• If the migration target TeraStations have already added some shared folders, users, and groups, the transferred settings may exceed the maximum number of allowed shared folders, users, or groups. After migration finishes, open Settings and verify that all settings were properly transferred.