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Configuring LS520D Backup to another Buffalo NAS


Starting from firmware version 4.30, LinkStation LS520D supports data backup to another Buffalo TeraStation or LinkStation. Follow the procedure below to configure a backup job. We will use another LS520D as a backup target for example.


Create target folder on Source Buffalo NAS
1.    Open and logon the GUI of the backup target Buffalo NAS.

2.    Click on the settings icon in the quick launch panel.

3.    In the Settings window click the “Folder Setup” icon under “Services”.

4.    Create a new shared folder. Click the “Add” button.

5.    Give the folder a name and set the desired parameters for the folder. Select the “Backup” checkbox for “LAN Protocols”.
It is suggested to setup the Backup Device Access Key for data secure, so that the share folder will not show up as a backup source or destination on any other Buffalo NAS unless they have the Access Key. Click OK.

6.    The new folder will be listed on the folder list. This will be used as the data backup target.


Setup the Backup Job on the Source LS520D
7.    Access and logon to the Backup source LinkStation LS520D GUI.

8.    Click on the settings icon in the quick launch panel.

9.    In settings, click the “Backup” icon under “System”.

10.    If you had configured a backup device access key for the backup source folder on another Buffalo NAS device or the backup destination folder, click Set. If you didn’t, skip to step 12.

11.    Enter the backup device access key and click OK.

12.    Click List of LinkStations and TeraStations.

13.    Click Refresh on the upper left to completely repopulate the list of available Buffalo NAS devices.
Once the refresh finishes the Buffalo NAS devices will be added to the list.

  • If you want to add a Buffalo NAS device on another network, click Add and enter the IP address or hostname of the destination Buffalo NAS device and click OK, then click Refresh.

14.    Once you have the target Buffalo NAS on the list. Close the window.

15.    Configure backup job settings:

  • Enter a job name
  • Select the frequency, either Now, Daily or Weekly. Also, the date and time to run.
  • Select a backup mode. The details of each backup mode are described below.

16.    Click Browse to the right of “Source”.
17.    Select the folder that will be the backup source, then click Open.

18.    Click Browse to the right of “Destination”.
19.    Select the network folder that will be the backup destination, then click Open.

20.    Click Save. Jobs will be added to the backup list.
The new backup job should start running as schedule. You can now close all windows.


• Up to 8 backup jobs can be configured.
• When a backup job starts, a folder that contains the backup date in its folder name will be created in the backup destination automatically and all data will be backed up to that folder.
• If a backup job is scheduled to run while Direct Copy is running, the job will be canceled. The prior process will work.