Best Practices

Back Up Your Memories

As our photo and video libraries begin to max out our hard drives and we continue to add to them, it is extremely important to back up those files to an external hard drive or other media. Data loss is uncontrollable and can occur at any time. Your best defense is to protect your data by regularly backing up.

Create a Reliable Wireless Network

Advances in wireless technology have produced standards capable of transmitting HD video while other connected users simultaneously surf the Web and check email. Powerful 802.11n technology offers high speed wireless data transmission and up to 300 Mbps on a single band, with configurations capable of offering even greater speeds and less interference.

Expand Storage Capacity

As their volume of data continues to grow, consumers need a simple and affordable way to quickly expand the storage capacity of their computer or home network. Upgrading an internal hard drive can be a cumbersome task which, if performed improperly, can result in the loss of data. Using USB and network storage is an easy way to safely and securely increase capacity for a single computer or an entire home network. Plug and play usability and simple setup options allow for quick installation, making storage expansion nearly instantaneous.

Centralized Storage

Storing files in a number of locations, such as multiple computers, creates many challenges for data sharing, project collaboration and file synchronization. Centralizing data on a network storage device provides secure, highly available simultaneous data access to all permitted users on the network.

Data Encryption

Many businesses today enforce compliancy requirements stating all data on removable media must be encrypted. Encryption on this type of media prevents the stored data from being compromised if it is lost or stolen. To meet these compliancy requirements, companies must choose storage solutions that include encryption technologies.

Storage Virtualization

Creating a virtual server environment is an immediate way to increase the scalability, flexibility and reliability of any business network. Paramount to the success of any virtualized environment is the need for a reliable storage area network (SAN). Virtualized environments remove a significant amount of server dependence, shifting the burden to the storage devices. Selecting the proper storage components is a critical step in building these environments.

Whole Office Backup

Increasing data regulations require many organizations to store their records for longer periods of time. The amount of data requiring long term retention can amount to extreme quantities in need of reliable, high capacity hard drives. Modern storage and backup solutions are designed to solve the numerous challenges that IT departments face surrounding record retention.