Bundled Solutions


Buffalo Tools is a feature-rich suite of optional software included on many Buffalo DriveStation and MiniStation storage products. Any or all of the following components of Buffalo Tools may be installed on Windows® PCs.


TurboPC: Designed for your Windows computer, TurboPC includes two components to enhance file transfer performance with external hard drives. Utilizing the high speed RAM of your PC, TurboPC can increase file transfers by up to 2x over standard external hard drive connections, including USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. TurboPC also includes TurboCopy which provides additional system adjustments to increase performance substantially.


Buffalo's Backup Utility: Easy-to-use and fully featured, Buffalo's Backup software for Windows PCs is simple to set up yet highly configurable for custom settings. Buffalo Backup protects your important files and documents by backing up to your Buffalo external hard drive. Buffalo Backup can be used to back up one or multiple computers with a single Buffalo external hard drive, and it includes a comprehensive restore function which makes restoring from backups extremely easy.


eco Manager: eco Manager is an environmentally friendly energy efficiency tool designed to conserve energy by regulating the power usage of your Buffalo external hard drive at predetermined times. It can be configured to put a hard drive to sleep after a specified period of drive inactivity, increasing the hard drive's life while reducing energy usage, including laptop battery consumption.


SecureLock: SecureLock software provides complete control of the data encryption on your Buffalo external hard drive. SecureLock is used to set passwords and prompt users for access to encrypted data on DriveStation and MiniStation hardware based encryption models. On Buffalo hard drive models without hardware based encryption, SecureLock can be used to create a software encrypted environment for your data, protecting it from unauthorized access. SecureLock is your one-stop solution for data protection.

Buffalo Products Utilizing Buffalo Tools Technology

DriveStation™ Desktop Hard Drives
DriveStation Axis Velocity USB 3.0 - HD-LXU3
DriveStation DDR - HD-GDU3
DriveStation Duo USB 3.0 - HD-WLU3R1
DriveStation™ Quad USB 3.0 - HD-QLU3R5

MiniStation Portable Hard Drives
MiniStation™ - HD-PCFU3
MiniStation™ DDR - HD-PGDU3
MiniStation™ Extreme NFC - HD-PZNU3
MiniStation™ Thunderbolt - HD-PATU3

Are your family photos safe? What about your tax documents? How have you prepared your business for disaster?

Buffalo Americas knows the importance of data protection, and our goal is to provide customers with first-class, cost-effective backup solutions. That's why every Buffalo LinkStation™ and TeraStation™ network storage and iSCSI solutions will ship bundled with the award-winning NovaBACKUP® data protection software, delivering a comprehensive backup solution for both business and home.

LinkStation Network Storage and Backup for Home and Small Office Networks

LinkStation network storage solutions are bundled with 5 free licenses of NovaBACKUP Workstation Buffalo Edition, an easy to use backup solution that automatically backs up your personal documents along with your favorite photos, music and important email files safely and securely. Back up PCs, notebooks and workstations.

TeraStation Network Storage and Backup for Business Networks

TeraStation NAS solutions are bundled with 11 licenses of NovaBACKUP Buffalo Edition (1 server and 10 workstations), providing a complete, all-in-one data protection solution for small and medium businesses serious about protecting digital assets. Back up PCs, storage servers, Exchange servers and SQL databases.

DriveStation, LinkStation and TeraStation customers will get free upgrades to future versions of NovaStor products that fall in the same major version number. For example, if your LinkStation or TeraStation came with NovaBACKUP 12, then all updates in the 12.x branch are free. Users who wish to upgrade major versions can get discounted upgrade rates directly from NovaStor. 

Get your free upgrade to NovaBACKUP v18! 
(Small transaction fee may apply)
Upgrade to NovaBACKUP v18 for free within 30 days of purchase. If you are outside of the 30 window, a small transaction fee will apply. Upgrade now.

Additional licenses of NovaBACKUP can be purchased at a discounted price when you present a proof of purchase (drive serial number and receipt). For additional details, please contact support by calling 866-752-6210 or emailing support@buffalotech.com.

You can also purchase NovaBACKUP Server software here.

Buffalo Products Including NovaBACKUP

Home and Small Office

LinkStation™ 200 Series
LinkStation 210, LinkStation 220

LinkStation™ 400 Series
LinkStation 410, LinkStation 420, LinkStation 421e, LinkStation 441e


TeraStation™ 1000 Series
TeraStation 1200, TeraStation 1400, TeraStation 1400r

TeraStation™ 3000 Series
TeraStation 3400, TeraStation 3400r Rackmount

TeraStation™ 5000N Series
TeraStation 5200DN, TeraStation 5400DN, TeraStation5400RN, TeraStation5600DN, TeraStation 5800DN

TeraStation™ 7000 Series
TeraStation™ 7120r, TeraStation™ 7120r Enterprise

TeraStation™ WSS Series
TerStation 5200DN WSS, TeraStation 5400DN WSS, TeraStation 5400RN WSS Rackmount, TeraStation 5600DN WSS

Desktop Hard Drives 

DriveStation Duo USB 3.0
DriveStation Quad USB 3.0

Create Your Own Personal CloudBuffalo WebAccess
Buffalo's WebAccess service allows you to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. Your data remains securely stored in one place on your home network, but you can access it quickly from any computer, tablet or smartphone device over the Web. Sharing is as easy as sending a link to your friends and family; they can securely access only the files you've selected for them to see.

WebAccess is a free personal cloud service for any LinkStation or TeraStation user. Set up is easy* - no special software is required and there are no contracts or service fees. Log in to your personal cloud whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection!

*WebAccess setup and intiation requires your router to have UPnP enabled or a firewall port must be opened

Connect to Your Content, Anytime and Anywhere
Have you ever realized minutes before a meeting that you left your presentation at home half way across the country? Or what about forgetting to load your mobile device with music and movies for that long trip ahead? Perhaps you just want to share photos of your vacation with family and friends before you get home. Buffalo's WebAccess personal cloud service makes it easy to upload, download, stream and share content over the Internet, even in a pinch!

Quickly connect to your NAS device from any Web browser or WebAccess mobile app and you can browse your file shares and directories. It's that simple.

Apple iOS® and Android™ Support
Buffalo's WebAccess mobile apps make it easy to access your personal cloud from your Apple and Android mobile devices. These free apps give you incredible flexibility, placing terabytes of securely stored content at your fingertips for immediate access anytime and anywhere! The Buffalo WebAccess i, WebAccess i HD and WebAccess A apps serve to optimize your media, rendering the content for proper display on the smaller screen of your mobile device. Download the WebAccess personal cloud app for your mobile device for free!

WebAccess i for iPhone® and iPod® touch
WebAccess i HD for iPad®
WebAccess A for Android

Stream Movies and Music
WebAccess features an integrated Flash™ MP3 Player* so you can stream your favorite music over the Web. Simply press the play button on any MP3 and enjoy your music from anywhere. You can even play back music and movie collections to your mobile device over 3G and Wi-Fi connection. Phoeo files are automatically resized by the Buffalo NAS device to create seamless and fast photo access with thumbnails.

*MP3 player cannot playback DRM protected MP3s

View and Share Photos and Slideshows
WebAccess integrates a digital photo viewer that fits images of any resolution to your screen, making it fast and easy to browse through multiple images with just a click of the mouse. Sharing photos is simple!

Upload Files to Your Buffalo NAS from Anywhere
In addition to downloading and viewing content, WebAccess supports file uploads to your personal cloud from any standard Web browser; easily share files with friends and family and vice versa from anywhere. Best of all, you are not limited by your email server or service anymore, which may impose restrictions on file size or content type.