Duplex Firmware

Dec 06, 2017

Duplex Firmware = Reducing Down Time


Duplex Firmware is an advanced recovery feature that makes TeraStations more secure from data corruption and data loss, thus reducing down time. Duplex Firmware creates more stabilized network storage performance and directly results in less system downtime without having to wait for an engineer to recover data. This is featured on the TeraStation 3010 and 5010 series.

In some cases, devices may stop working due to an unexpected firmware accident or OS failure. To prevent such downtime, TeraStation keeps firmware data in different two locations. (HDD and NAND). If master firmware data on HDD crashed by accident, then its backup data on NAND automatically fixes the master data and is designed to bring the unit back to operation automatically.

This allows you to quickly restore the OS with the assistance of the Duplex Firmware feature without compromising data.





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