NovaStor License for Buffalo NAS FAQ

Aug 01, 2017







Can NovaBACKUP Server save files if they are open during a backup?

Yes, NovaBACKUP Server supports open-file backups using VSS.


What kind of notifications does NovaBACKUP have? I need to know that my server is backed up every day.

Knowing that your backups are running is very important. You can check the backups log in NovaBACKUP, or just look at the icon - if it's green, your backups are running. We also have a few different notification methods you can choose from. The most common option is email notification, which means NovaBACKUP will email you every time a backup is complete.



If I run a backup one evening, will subsequent backups only save new files, or will subsequent backup jobs save all files again?

NovaBACKUP can do both, depending on the type of backup you select and how you configure it. You can view the User Manual to find more information.


When I make changes to a file, does NovaBACKUP save a new copy of the file (and keep it alongside the old version), or does it overwrite the old file and replace it with the new one?

NovaBACKUP is capable of doing both, depending on the type of backup job you have chosen. Full backups will keep both files (which is useful if you think you'll need to retrieve older versions of documents and files), and incremental backups will overwrite the older version and replace it with the newest one (which is useful for saving space on your backup drive). You can choose full or incremental backups from the control panel.


Do I have the ability to choose the files and folders that I want to backup, or does NovaBACKUP choose them automatically?

Both options are available. If you'd like to choose which files to backup, the Smart Select backup wizard will help you select the folders and files to protect (like documents, emails, photos, or pictures). Alternatively, you can select files and folders manually.


Am I able to restore single files from a backup onto my computer, or do I have to restore an entire backup to access my files?

With NovaBACKUP you can individually select which files you'd like to restore from a given backup. Alternatively, you can restore an entire backup.


Does NovaBACKUP support tape drives?

NovaBACKUP supports most single tape drive devices as long as they are internal or directly connected to the computer you have NovaBACKUP installed on.


Does NovaBACKUP have an FTP option? I want to have a backup run to a USB hard drive and to my FTP server at home.

FTP and FTPS are supported. You can simply set up two backup jobs - one backing up locally and the other to your FTP server.


I have over 500GB on my server with NovaBACKUP, do I have to run full backups every time, or does the software have a way of only backing up files that have changed since the last full backup?

NovaBACKUP can run full, incremental, and differential backups. You can set it up to only backup changes that happen, which can save a significant amount of storage space on your backup drive.


Will NovaBACKUP work on my Small Business Server? Do I need agents for Microsoft Exchange?

NovaBACKUP Server includes support for Windows Small Business Server 2008, 2011, Windows Server 2016, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. If you need support for Microsoft Exchange or SQL, you will need NovaBACKUP Business Essentials. 


I backup all my documents and programs to a USB drive, but I'd like to create online backups as well. Can NovaBACKUP do this?

Yes. NovaBACKUP offers local storage and online cloud storage (with providers like Amazon), and allows you to easily manage both backups from one interface.


Can NovaBACKUP Server backup to the cloud?

People define cloud backup in many different ways. NovaBACKUP Server is able to backup to the cloud using various cloud storage options including: True online backup from a preferred NovaStor provider, Amazon S3 storage, FTP, and via access to your preferred File Sharing Services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SkyDrive, SafeSync and iDriveSync.


What Operating Systems does NovaBACKUP Server support?

NovaBACKUP Server supports all latest Windows operating systems.
For a complete, up-to-date list of system requirements for NovaBACKUP Server, please view our system requirements document.









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