TS5010 Solution Scenario

Jan 10, 2017

Buffalo’s Faster, More Secure 10 GbE Switch and NAS Solutions Perfect for Changing IT Needs of School Districts



School districts are facing ever-increasing digital workloads with the emergence of Digital Learning - new reports, tasks and large multimedia files needing to be transmitted and stored. In addition, new education standards, data tracking and reporting, and a growing number of students who use their own personal technology devices at school (Bring Your Own Device) all place strains on the current technology infrastructure.​

In the past, school districts that have faced these digital challenges have addressed them by adding more servers to their network, which cost tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and personnel costs. But now, schools can upgrade their networks to much faster data speeds simply by installing Buffalo’s new BS-MP20 multi-gig 10GbE switch and a Buffalo TS5010 NAS device for about $1,500.



Buffalo’s BS-MP20 multi-gig 10GbE switch and TS5010 NAS device are the perfect combination for school districts needing faster network speed, increased storage, easy back-up and top level security.

The BS-MP20 switch and TS5010 NAS device are designed to bring enterprise-level speeds to schools and school district offices. Working together, the Buffalo products enable 10GbE speeds that can immediately eliminate data bottlenecks in IT networks.

Teachers and administrators will experience faster file delivery, while IT managers can complete data backups well before the start of each school day. Also, a district is now able to conduct data replication to both on-site and remote devices, which provides an additional layer of data protection.

Buffalo’s unique Boot Authentication feature protects data in case of physical theft of a NAS device. This ensures the NAS device is only accessible on authorized networks by preventing boot-up in unauthorized installations. Buffalo’s built-in data encryption also shields the district’s sensitive data from malicious attacks.


School administrators will be impressed by how much faster their network can operate and have confidence their data is being backed up more quickly and with additional levels of protection. Staff and teachers will also enjoy the high speed of upgraded network performance for Digital Learning.


This cost saving solution from Buffalo can easily address today’s problem of data bottlenecks while setting the foundation for increased bandwidth, storage and security in the coming years.




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