Webinar Exclusive Promotion: Receive a free 10GbE switch with purchase of TeraStation 5010

May 23, 2017 Download

Buffalo makes 10GbE easily attainable for business with native 10GbE ports on all TS5010 models paired with 10GbE switches


Webinar Exclusive Offer! 


Buy a TeraStation 5010, get a free 10GbE business switch



The TeraStation 5010 series and BS-XP20 series of switches are an ideal product combination for businesses.

To fully experience 10GbE networking - Purchase any TeraStation 5010 model and Buffalo will send a 8-port BS-XP20 10GbE switch absolutely free. Retroactive TS5010 purchases qualify.

Eligible TeraStations for this promotion include:

TS5410DN1604     TS5410DN2404     TS5410RN0804     TS5210DN0402     TS5210DN0802     TS5410DN0804     TS5410RN1604     TS5410RN2404     TS51210RH1604     TS51210RH3204     TS51210RH4812     TS51210RH9612

Once you go 10GbE there is no going back - While Supplies Last


More about 10GbE networking:

The amount of data needed and saved is becoming greater. The size of files, documents, image and video resolution will only increase. 10GbE speed is the direction all network systems are moving in to account for these increases.

10 GbE networking is a fairly new technology, but even now it has been proven to:

  • Extend life of network speeds for high data-traffic environments

  • Reduce the need for on-site servers through virtualized networking apps

  • Ensure larger scalablity without the issue of slowdowns

  • Networks will not slow as workers send and recieve large amounts of data


10GbE was the dream for those without large IT budgets - Buffalo now makes it easily attainable to SMBs.

For more information email var@buffaloamericas.com or call 800.688.7466


Terms and Conditions:
  • Must provide TS5010 proof of purchase on form (located at top of page)
  • Promotion valid only while supplies last
  • Limit of one BS-XP2008 claim per customer
  • Must answer all required fields on form
  • Switches will be sent to addresses in the U.S. & Canada only
  • NFR purchases will not be considered as an eligible TeraStation purchase for this offer

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