Defense in Depth: A Comprehensive Strategy for Evolving Cyberthreats

Tips & Resources Feb 02, 2021
Computer and networks being protected by shield and a bubble with a man looking at a tablet

Businesses are well aware that cyberattacks typically involve multiple exploits. In the modern landscape, security risks are even more apparent, with remote work being increasingly mandated by businesses across the world due to COVID-19. As remote workers access and share data through the Internet instead of a secure physical network, this opens up new avenues of attack from cybercriminals.

With cyberthreats continuing to evolve, Buffalo recommends adopting defense in depth as a modern data security strategy to protect your critical data from various cyberthreats.

What Is Defense in Depth?

Defense in depth is a holistic approach to cybersecurity. The concept revolves around placing multiple layers of security protocols to protect your data from a variety of threats, with the idea that there are redundancies in place should a single security control layer fail. Defense in depth approaches a defense strategy with three controls in mind: physical, technical, and administrative.


Physical controls are anything that that prevents physical access or damage to IT systems. Physical controls include CCTV, locked doors, etc.


Technical controls are the methods used to secure the IT systems and the endpoints within. Technical controls include aspects such as antivirus, data encryption, authentication, etc. Technical controls differ from physical controls in that they don’t prevent physical access to the system, but rather the contents within.


Administrative controls are the policies of an organization that enforces security and protection guidelines. This includes meeting industry compliance, data security procedures, user awareness and training, etc.

Defense in depth combines technological components with solid security practices to create a comprehensive plan of defense, and encourages you to strategically utilize each layer to maximize the impact of your security measures as a whole.

defense in depth diagram

Building a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy

Cybersecurity is a very large umbrella—depending on your environment, your IT budget, and even your industry, there are many factors for you to consider in order to implement a successful cybersecurity strategy. Just as new office environments and perimeters are being redefined through technology, they also require new and comprehensive methods of defense. This is especially true of small businesses, with SMBs increasingly being targeted for ransomware attacks as attackers are aware that SMBs typically lack the IT budget for robust cyberthreat defenses. Since there are no silver bullets for cybersecurity, defense in depth is a great approach for SMBs to adopt to protect.

This is where Buffalo NAS can help fill the gap with many built-in protection features to help you achieve comprehensive cybersecurity. The TeraStation 6000 provide snapshot technology as a great way to protect you from ransomware without disrupting business continuity. In the case of a ransomware attack, you can simply use a snapshot to revert to a previous data state, bypassing any tedious data recovery processes. Buffalo NAS also come on closed systems, with not even the system administrator having root rights. By preventing the installation of third-party apps, this greatly reduces the attack surface.

Having an effective data backup plan, regularly updating your IT security, and cybersecurity awareness practices will go a long way in helping you achieve defense in depth.



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