Ideal Portable SSDs for Gaming Storage

Tips & Resources May 21, 2021


For dedicated gamers, the size of modern game installations has become a thorn on their sides. Digital games are taking up more and more computer or console space, and gamers often find themselves having to delete perfectly good games to make room for additional downloads.

Instead of having to pick and choose the games to keep, Buffalo recommends moving games to an external solid state drive (SSD). Buffalo’s portable SSD storage offers generous capacities and fast speeds, and can be easily connected to virtually any standard computer or next-gen gaming console. Gamers who are looking to get the most out of their consoles should look to Buffalo’s portable SSD storage to effortlessly expand their gaming libraries, as well as enjoy the additional benefits of durability and portability of a device that fits in your pocket.



Expand Your Capacity as You See Fit

Modern game titles often require around 50GB to install, and some will easily take up more—Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has recently made headlines for requiring 190GB on consoles, and over 200GB on PCs. Given that the Xbox Series X/S comes with a 1TB and 512GB capacities, respectively, and the PlayStation 5 offers 825GB, it takes only a few games to fill your console storage to the brim. Gamers often find that more and more of today’s game titles are forcing them to either delete existing games to save space or look towards external storage.

Buffalo’s portable SSD devices in 500GB and 1TB capacities and plug-and-play capability, so you can effortlessly expand your game library with one compact device (or more if you have an extensive collection). As an added bonus, you can use your SSD as a media library to store movies, TV shows, photos, or any other files. Whether it’s play or work, you can easily access your files on any computer or take them with you to go.

The Need for Speed

One leg up SSDs have over traditional HDDs is the blazing fast hard drive speed. It is no secret that games running off most external SSDs will often provide noticeably shorter load times. This is especially true for games from the console last generation—even the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X use HDD instead of SSD for their internal storage.

Buffalo SSDs have much faster read and write speeds compared to typical HDDs, and the lack of moving parts on an SSD means they are more durable, so you can enjoy your games without worrying about performance. PS4 and Xbox One games booted from a Buffalo SSD device will run much smoother than if run from native console storage.

Powering Portability

With the capacity, speed, and durability of Buffalo’s portable SSDs, gamers can look forward to a smoother gaming experience without needing to stress about storage space. Buffalo’s portable SSD storage comes in a cover-to-cover rugged design for shock-resistance and overall drop protection, and its compact form factor means you can comfortably carry all your files in your pocket with peace of mind. Whether it’s going to a friend’s place for a gaming session or going to spend some time in a gaming café, you can now always carry your games and save files with you.

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