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Tips & Resources Feb 12, 2021


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Many home and business users are utilizing network attached storage (NAS) devices to store, back up and share data. Buffalo, a leading manufacturer of NAS solutions, has always designed our products to provide what home and office users demand: a reliable and secure data storage/backup solution that is both robust and versatile, so users can easily manage their data with peace of mind. Therefore, Buffalo devices are purpose-built to highlight Security, Stability, and Simplicity.

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Buffalo’s acclaimed NAS solutions are widely considered the most secure NAS on the market.


Closed System

One of the highlights of Buffalo NAS is that our devices run on closed systems, with not even the system administrator having root rights. Many competitors’ devices allow third party apps to be installed via an app store, which is a possible vector for malware such as ransomware and spyware. The TeraStation only allows connections to available network services, and you have the option to further control which connections to utilize.


snapshot is a virtual copy of the data currently stored on the TeraStation at a given point in time. Unlike a full backup, they take up merely a fraction of space of the full data set and can be created quickly without impacting your operations. Once a snapshot has been created, you can use it to simply revert to the data state at the time the snapshot was taken. This is especially convenient if there are only a handful of infected files—instead of performing a full restore, you can just overwrite the encrypted files with the latest version that had not been infected and be on your way.

Robust Encryption at Every Level

Buffalo NAS offer encryption at every level. The TeraStation can be configured to require authentication during bootup. If the boot authentication is not present, the Terastation will not boot and the data cannot be read under any circumstance, preventing the unauthorized boot-up or reset of a stolen device. TeraStation offers the option to encrypt the drives with AES 256-bit strong encryption. Therefore, even when HDDs are taken out of the unit, they cannot be read by PC or on other TeraStation units. In addition all TeraStations support SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), which enables secure file transfer capabilities between networked hosts, and online access can be encrypted by HTTPS.

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Buffalo NAS are designed to maintain uptime, allowing you to work and manage data with peace of mind.


Hybrid Cloud

Buffalo TeraStations offer integration with popular third-party cloud services, allowing you to create a store your critical or sensitive data on your on-premise storage for security. You determine what that right mix looks like, depending on your data requirements, and you can enjoy an extra layer of data security while still reaping the cost savings of public cloud.

Pre-Tested HDD

When utilizing NAS storage, you should always be aware of the drives being used. In short, you should only purchase hard drives from trusted suppliers. Using low-quality or pre-used hard drives can have muddled drive capacities, which can lead to many issues. If you go beyond a drive’s actual capacity without being aware, data newly-written to the drive may either overwrite existing data or simply not be written to the drive at all. It may seem that the drive is operating as normal, but when you try to access phantom files or folders that do not actually contain the labeled content, you will find your critical data lost and forever irretrievable.

While you can perform your own hard drive tests, it can be very time-consuming. Buffalo’s NAS products come with drives included, and we carefully select our drives and rigorously test them before adding them to the product chassis to ensure the highest level of quality.

Robust Data Protection

Buffalo NAS come with a myriad of robust data protection features such as RAID, automated backups, snapshot, hybrid cloud, replication, and failover. You can easily schedule your backup jobs to not affect your daily operations, and focus on your tasks instead of having to worry about losing your data.

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Buffalo NAS are purpose-built with ease-of-use in mind, so you can manage your data with minimal hassle.


Pre-configured RAID

A RAID array is a common feature with modern NAS, but configuring a RAID array can be a complex and time-consuming process. Other than doing the calculations for the available capacities, you will also need to make sure there are no drive faults or errors before you start. NAS devices are manufactured to meet rigorous uptime demands. Once a NAS server is deployed and running, you might have very few opportunities in the future to take if offline for detailed testing. Depending on the Buffalo NAS device, RAID can be pre-configured, offering you out-of-the-box data protection and saving you the time and effort of building your own RAID array.

Remote Management Service

If you have multiple NAS devices, especially across multiple locations, managing them can be quite the hassle. Buffalo’s Remote Management Service presents our users with option to easily manage multiple devices from one screen. With Remote Management Service, you can monitor the status of each device and its drives, set timed remote operations, and receive real-time notifications of any events or errors, saving you time and travel costs.

Automated Backups

As Buffalo NAS offer a myriad of backup options, including Time Machine compatibility and Microsoft Azure and OneDrive sync, you can configure them to run based on your schedule for maximum convenience. You can configure to have backups run during off hours or on weekends to make sure your daily operations are not disrupted.

The Most Secure Storage

Buffalo prides itself in providing data storage solutions that offer the security, stability, and simplicity you need so you can manage your data with peace of mind. Responsible for many industry firsts and technology standards, Buffalo has four decades of networking and computer peripheral manufacturing and design experience. For more information about Buffalo Americas Inc. and its products, please visit