Ways to Save Your Company Money Using Network Storage

Tips & Resources Nov 30, 2020

Tim Li

Technical Writer

top 5 ways to save your company money using network storage with buffalo terastation ts51210 banner

Network-attached storage (NAS) devices play a major role in the modern business environments, with businesses of all sizes facing increasingly large data storage demands that occur from data-intensive network security solutions and escalating data volumes, all the while contending with pernicious cyberthreats and remaining forward-thinking to meet tomorrow’s demands. However, setting up a comprehensive data infrastructure can be expensive, especially for small-and-medium businesses working with a limited IT budget.

Buffalo’s flagship NAS device, the TS51210RH, can play an essential role in your business by storing, sharing, and backing up data essential for daily operations while saving you upfront and future costs so you will have more resources to grow your business.

Keep Costs Low by Scaling as You Grow

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Every SMB knows that keeping costs down is the key to staying competitive. Budget planning for equipment can be a headache, as every piece of hardware you acquire will have to be weighed against how it can fit into your environment for minimal cost, and how useful it will be for you in the future.

The TS51210RH’s partially-populated models are the affordable NAS solutions that let you have the storage you need now and have the flexibility to add drives later as you see fit. Keep your spending and server space low and only expand your storage when you need it—and not a moment before. The TS51210RH also uses iSCSI technology and VMware to easily integrate into your current network environment, allowing you to achieve increased return-on-investment on your existing server infrastructure. Since iSCSI operates on TCP/IP protocols, you can seamlessly integrate differently-branded network storage devices together on the same network, thereby sparing you the expense of specialized equipment and IT staff.

Setting up an iSCS-SAN also taps into the power of virtualization: by creating multiple virtual servers from a single physical server, and you can consolidate scores of physical systems into only a few physical servers, saving you upfront costs. Altogether, the TS51210RH allows you to build a stable data infrastructure with greater operational efficiency, improved performance, and significantly less power and cooling costs as your business grows.

Cost-Effective Performance

cost effective performance icon with large white gear and a dollar sign in the middleNo matter what your business, you will want your hardware to work for you. Whether you need storage/backup, remote access, or sharing files amongst your employees, the TS51210RH can serve as the centralized data repository, and its quad-core processor, RAM, and generous storage allows you to not only store your data, but also protect it and share it effortlessly. You can also manage your resources efficiently by tapping into the TS51210RH’s user management control and disk quota allocation features.

You can also set up an affordable network storage with excellent throughput speeds via 10GbE, boosting your network performance while streamlining your network infrastructure and improving bandwidth. With more and more businesses exploring remote work, an efficient and simplified network is more crucial than ever to prevent vulnerabilities from arising that cybercriminals can exploit. Using the TS51210RH’s 10GbE capabilities also means you will need less cabling and fewer NICs per server to achieve the same speed on your current Gigabit Ethernet, both reducing costs and risks.

Time = Money

time is money icon with an analog clock and a dollar signAs they say, time is money. The TS51210RH offers flexibility and simplified management, as well as a comprehensive suite of data protection features that are designed to be easy to use. With its out-of-the-box RAID and hassle-free integration with your existing server infrastructure, the TS51210RH will save you valuable time every step of the way. The TS51210RH comes with enterprise-grade hard drives that are rigorously pre-tested to ensure quality, saving you the trouble of having to spend time selecting, testing, installing, and configuring hard drives for your servers.

The ability to easily save and transfer device settings allows for simple setup and restoration. Remote management and cloud integration capabilities mean way less legwork for business tasks, as data can be easily accessed and shared remotely. The inclusion of iSCSI can also leverage your network infrastructure investments by using standard Ethernet networks to move data from server to storage. iSCSI also does not require specialized IT staff as any technician who is familiar with TCP/IP can easily install, configure, and troubleshoot an iSCSI-SAN. This ease of use is a huge benefit if you don’t have an extensive IT budget to work with.

 Hybrid Cloud Integration for Safety and Savings

hybrid cloud integration for safety and savings icon with buffalo terastationThe cloud is the future, and it is inevitable. More and more SMB are turning to the cloud to facilitate remote work and offset data storage costs. However, using a standalone public cloud has its own concerns, from murky pricing issues to security and industry compliance issues. Instead of fully moving into the cloud, many experts recommend establishing a hybrid cloud solution instead. A hybrid cloud combines public cloud and on-premise storage, and is the best confluence of security, versatility, and affordability.

For example, sectors such as the healthcare and the financial industries have long since used NAS to keep their customers’ private records on-premise to meet strict compliance standards, all the while integrating public cloud to save money on general data access. For any SMB with a limited budget, the benefits of hybrid cloud cannot be overstated. The TS51210RH supports integration with Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft OneDrive, and allows you to save storage costs while maintaining strict data security so you can meet compliance and maintain your reputation, and saves you money in the long run by helping you avoid the security and pricing pitfalls of public cloud alone.

Protect Against Data Loss Costs

There is simply no way around it: data loss is very, very costly.protect against data loss costs

Data security is the most important thing SMB needs to account for, as they need to protect against data loss while working with limited resources. From the devastating effects of extended downtime to expensive data recovery services, data loss can wipe out a business that doesn’t have a good backup strategy and recovery plan. Yet while many are aware that a backup strategy with multiple copies of your data is the only real way to protect yourself against malware, unfortunately few implement one until it is too late. According to the 2019 Global State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium Businesses report, the two largest issues SMB face are not having the personnel to allay IT vulnerabilities and attacks, and insufficient budget to mitigate IT risks. And threat actors are well aware of this, as the rapidly escalating number of malware attacks carried out every year showcase how cybercriminals are expanding their arsenal.

The TS51210RH provides multiple features that can reduce your data security costs. The TS51210RH runs on a closed system, so you can easily store your data and keep it safe without needing additional unsecure third-party software. Starting with out-of-the-box RAID, you are immediately protected against drive failures. With hot-swapping, replication, cloud integration, and the included NovaStor backup software, you are afforded multi-layer data security for storage and backup and, more importantly, peace of mind.

Award-Winning Support and Service

Buffalo goes above and beyond to ensure your needs are met, and this is showcased with our services in addition to our products. Other than our award-winning customer support and service, Buffalo also extends a generous 5-year warranty for our devices, so you don’t have to budget for repair costs. Our 24/7 support also ensures the device runs smoothly to help you avoid any costly downtimes, and our data recovery service can help you recover data in case data loss occurs, and saves you the hassle of seeking costly third-party data recovery solutions. Our services are here so you can maintain your resources for your business.

Your devices should work for you, and enable your business to thrive. Buffalo provides reliable storage and backup solutions that are secure and cost-effective, so you can focus on your daily operations with peace of mind. Contact us today to see how our knowledgeable experts can help you set up the perfect storage and backup solution that best fits your needs.


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