How to Offset Monthly Online Storage Fees with a Buffalo NAS

Jun 08, 2021


On June 1st, Google Photos is ending their unlimited photo storage, and will instead charge users a monthly fee beyond its complimentary 15GB free space. If you’ve been using Google Photos as your online photo repository, you may soon find your free storage allowance maxed out. Users should bear in mind that this 15GB storage cap applies to their entire Google Account—that means if you max your storage capacity on your Google Photos or Google Drive, you may not be able to receive new emails until you have lowered your storage.

It’s important to have a durable and hassle-free storage option that ensures your photos, videos, and other files are available to you when you need them. For effortless expansive storage (and security), Buffalo recommends utilizing network-attached storage (NAS) as an affordable and hassle-free storage option.

Although buying and setting up your own media server may seem intimidating to some, there are NAS devices available that are very user-friendly. Buffalo’s LinkStation 700 is a reliable and easy-to-use NAS solution and personal cloud that is perfect for storing your most important data in a central location. You can access your data from anywhere on the internet, securely share it with others, or stream your videos and music to DLNA devices on your network. You can easily back up multiple PC and Mac computers (and even mobile devices) to the same secure location, as well as offset your cloud storage to keep your data safe as you see fit.



Large Capacities that Belong to You

The LS700 provides larger storage space at a straightforward price, as you can purchase storage capacities at between 2–8 terabytes (TB). A large capacity is especially important when backing up photos and videos, as modern high-resolution media can take up quite a bit of space. For example, a one-hour 4K video alone will require 50GB of storage space. Even with a 2TB NAS, you will be able to hold quite a few videos and other files.

A key point about your NAS device is that once you purchase it, it’s yours and you can control how to store and back up data as you see fit—no need to pay monthly fees or deal with convoluted pricing structures—and their versatility allows them to be used in any situation you set them up in.

Security and Other Benefits

Obviously, there are some large differences between simple external storage and a NAS, as well as many additional benefits for those who want to take their file storage and backups to the next level. Right off the bat, it offers RAID—allowing you to improve data redundancy and sometimes improve data access performance. With the LS700, you will also be able to effect multi-layer data security, which is critical if you are serious about protecting your personal data from escalating cyberthreats such as ransomware. The LS700 also allows you to smoothly transition between online and offline backups, supporting popular cloud services so you can choose how to store and protect certain data.

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