TeraStation NAS: On-premise OneDrive Sync

Tips & Resources Feb 18, 2019

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buffalo terastation on-premise with onedrive sync


AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 5th, 2019 – Buffalo Americas is announcing that the TeraStation 5010 and 3010 Desktop and Rackmount family of NAS devices now support Microsoft™ OneDrive sync.

TeraStation OneDrive Sync ensures users will always have access to their OneDrive data on premise using Hybrid Cloud, which adds an extra layer of security for sensitive files by allowing you to store certain files locally instead of automatically sending them to the cloud. In the event of an internet disruption, locally-saved designated files will continue to be backed up to the TeraStation until connectivity is restored, at which point they will be automatically synchronized to the cloud.

By allowing TeraStation users to select which files on the NAS device are synchronized with OneDrive, Hybrid Cloud offers users the ability to lower their monthly cloud costs and bandwidth. Integrating your NAS with OneDrive can also reduce network load. Rather than crowding a network with multiple OneDrive Licenses accessing the cloud, companies can have a single OneDrive license accessing the Cloud through the Network Storage Device.

The addition of OneDrive integration to the TeraStation 3010 & 5010 NAS devices benefits service providers in multiple ways. Now service providers have an easy-to-use storage device that integrates with their Microsoft Clients’ OneDrive accounts. Service providers are also eligible for Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program, an incentivized program designed to allow service providers to further engage customers and increase profits.

Download the TS3010 firmware update here and the TS5010 firmware update here.

Easily Integrate Microsoft OneDrive with your TeraStation Network Attached Storage in 4 Minutes:








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