Data Recovery

Data Recovery from Your Data Storage Device

Data loss is frustrating. It can occur at anytime, anywhere, and without warning.

It is easy and affordable to download and produce large amounts of content, storing documents, photos, videos, music files and more. But what is the cost of lost data?

Buffalo Americas has partnered with DriveSavers Data Recovery to offer a service that provides reliable and secure data recovery by the leading industry provider.

If you're in need of data recovery, contact DriveSavers and mention Buffalo Americas for 10% off your data recovery service and free next day inbound shipping to their facility.

How Does Data Loss Occur?

Every hard disk drive will fail someday. If you don't back up your data consistently, everything you have ever created, installed or downloaded could be lost forever. Imagine the devastation of losing your photos, music, videos, business documents, databases, time-sensitive projects and more.

Trying to reconstruct your data may be difficult, costly or even impossible.

Below is a list of the most common causes of data loss:

  • Corruption
  • Accidental Deletion of Files
  • Reformat of Hard Drive
  • Reinstallation of O/S
  • Mechanical Failure -Drive does not spin up, does not mount, clicking or grinding noises


What is Professional Data Recovery?

Professional Data Recovery Services go beyond the scope of any off-the-shelf software utility or do-it-yourself solution. Professional Data Recovery requires state of the art facilities, tools and the skills of highly trained data recovery engineers experienced in the successful extraction of data from physically challenged media as well as degenerative files, partitions, volumes or directories.

DriveSavers is a Professional Data Recovery lab; recovering usable data files from all types of storage devices that cannot, or will not, allow access to your operating systems, software applications or digital files. Failed storage media is opened and repaired in a dust and contaminant free environment preventing further irritation to internal hard drive components.

Do not assume data is lost forever until a professional data recovery is attempted. Files may still exist on your storage media even though you cannot access them as usual.

What is the Process?

DriveSavers Professional Data Recovery Service consists of several steps:

  • Your storage device is shipped to our secure laboratory for examination.
  • Specialized engineers perform a free laboratory evaluation of the failure and then inform you of the probability for recovery and provide cost estimates.
  • An exact copy of the original data on the source drive is made; all recovery attempts are done on the copy. Your data is never compromised.
  • For mechanical damage, the storage device is opened for ‘micro-surgery’ in an ISO-5 (Class 100) cleanroom.
  • Using proprietary software, files are repaired and tested for functionality.
  • Recovered data is copied to the media of your choice (DVD, USB Flash drive, hard disk drive, FTP) and delivered to you within the specified turn-around time.
  • If data is unrecoverable or the user cancels the evaluation, there is no charge for the service.

If you have experienced data loss, please contact DriveSavers Data Recovery to assist you with recovering your important files. Mention Buffalo Americas and receive a 10% discount plus free next day inbound shipping.

DriveSavers Data Recovery, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, provides the fastest, most reliable and only certified secure data recovery service in the industry. As the only data recovery company to post proof of annual, company-wide SOC2 Type II Audit Reports and its HIPAA data security compliance, DriveSavers services meet the security protocols for financial, government, corporate and healthcare industries. DriveSavers also adheres to US Government security protocols, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Data Security Rule (GLBA), the Data-At-Rest mandate (DAR) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). Known for it’s technologically advanced Certified ISO 5 (Class 100) cleanroom, the company is authorized to open storage devices by all major storage device manufacturers without voiding the warranty. DriveSavers engineers are trained and certified in all leading encryption and forensics technologies. DriveSavers provides secure, fast, and reliable data recovery from all Buffalo Americas data storage devices, and provides special discounts and benefits to their customers.

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