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Adding Windows credentials of your NAS on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019

If you are not able to access the NAS share folder after the latest Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 Updates, follow this procedure to Add Windows credentials.

1.    Click Control Panel in “Windows System Tools”

2.    In the Control Panel, select "Category" and click "User Account".

3.    Click “Manage Windows Credentials


4.    In the Credential Manager, click “Windows Credentials” icon, then click “Add Windows Credentials

5.    Enter the information in "Internet or Network address", "User name", "Password", then click "OK".

Not in Domain:
In Domain:
"Internet or Network address", "user name" will differ depending on the domain participating situation of the connected Windows terminal and NAS (TeraStation). Check the table below and enter the ones appropriate for your environment.

To register the host name or IP address depends on the access method. Example: When accessing by host name, register the host name.
Registering both the host name and IP address does not cause any problem, so it is recommended to register both.

6.    In the "Windows credential information" column, please confirm that the information you entered has been registered.