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Configuring Service Port Restrictions on a Buffalo TeraStation

  1. Access Settings, the TeraStation's web user interface, by entering the current IP address of the unit into a web browser. If the current IP is unknown the unit can be located using NAS Navigator. If NAS Navigator is not installed, download and install the application by clicking on the provided URLs here: Windows or Mac.
  2. Click on the "Network" tab on the left.
  3. Click the icon on the right to configure Service Port Restrictions. This will bring up a current list of services for each port.
  4. Click Edit. This will give you a list of services with a check box for each LAN port. This will let you set certain services to only use certain ports. For instance, you may want to limit iSCSI functionality to only one port to allow you keep all iSCSI traffic on a separate subnet. Once you have the settings configured as desired, click OK to save the settings.
  5. Once settings are saved, you can go back into the settings to see that your changes were successful.