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Creating a USB Recovery Drive for Buffalo TS5000 Series TeraStations


  1. Insert a USB flash drive (minimum 2GB) into one of the USB 2.0 ports of the TeraStation.

    Note: This process will erase the contents of the flash drive.

  2. Log in to Settings for the TeraStation and navigate to the "Management" tab. You can access Settings by either entering the TeraStation's IP address into a web browser window or by using NAS Navigator.
  3. Click on the configuration button for "Restore/Erase".
  4. Select the option to "Create a USB drive for initializing settings".
  5. Select the USB drive from the drop-down menu and click Execute.
  6. Enter the randomly generated four digit code to confirm.
  7. The message indicating that the USB key creation is in progress should appear. This can take several minutes.
  8. Once the process finishes, click OK and close out of the options box.
  9. The key is now created. This drive can be used to recover the OS on the TeraStation if necessary and will reset all settings to their default configuration. Save this drive for future use.