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What is Dropbox Sync API call upload limits?


When trying to setup Buffalo Hybrid Cloud and sync up data using Dropbox Sync (upload to Dropbox from Buffalo Terastation), you receive the following message from Dropbox:

    Your Dropbox has used all of its data transport API calls for the month. Your team won’t be able to make any more calls. Your monthly limit will reset on the 1st day of every month.



(Some) Dropbox Business plans have a 25000 per team per month API limit on upload calls-

For data transfer use cases, Dropbox is including 25,000 API calls/month in Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise plans. 

The limitation is based on the number of calls, and not chunk/file size.


Each file upload from TeraStation requires one or more upload transactions to complete, depends on the file size.



The Dropbox limit on the number of data transport calls that can be made per month applies per team, and is not app-specific.

That means that if an app uses a large amount of data transport calls, it can prevent other apps from making further data transport calls for that team.


Dropbox Team admins can check their team's current upload API usage here:

Note that if the team is currently on an unlimited plan, that number will not be updated.


There are Dropbox Business plans available without this API limit. A Dropbox team admin can reach out to Dropbox sales if they want to review different plan options. 


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