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How to activate and configure Trend Micro Security on TeraStation

Trend Micro NAS Security can protect your network and data from software viruses, malware, and spyware. Virus scan by Trend Micro NAS Security is available for files in the TeraStation’s shared folders, except for the “usbdisk” folder.
To use the Trend Micro NAS Security software, you will need to purchase an OP-TSVC license pack (sold separately).

• If LVM is enabled on the TeraStation, the antivirus software may not work properly. For best results, disable LVM before use.
• When the Virus scan is actively running, NAS performace might slightly be reduced.
• To use the antivirus software effectively, the TeraStation should be connected to the Internet. The connection can be routed through a proxy server if the appropriate settings are configured in Administration > Proxy Settings from the left-side menu of the Trend Micro NAS Security settings page.
• Trend Micro is a trademark of Trend Micro Incorporated.

Activating Virus Scanning

From the Applications tab, enable the Antivirus switch.


A quarantine folder named “TMNAS” will be automatically created on the TeraStation. If a virus is detected, it will be moved to this folder.

If you want to configure a specific shared folder as a quarantine folder, follow the procedure below.

1.    Create a new shared folder as a quarantine folder.

2.    Click the settings icon to the right of “Antivirus”. Then click Edit.

3.    Click Browse

4.    Select the new quarantine folder. Click OK to finish.

Activating the Trend Micro license
The total period for antivirus software updates to be available may be extended by up to five years.
The example below shows an initial one-year period for updates extended by an additional year.

Note: It’s not possible to register a serial number that would extend the total license period beyond five years, such as a second three-year license after three years.

1.    From Antivirus Settings, click Options.

2.    A Trend Micro WEBUI will open on your web browser. Enter your username and password, then click Log On. You can log on using the TeraStation’s admin account.

3.    The Trend Micro NAS Security settings page will open.

4.    From the left-side menu of the Trend Micro NAS Security settings page, click Administration > Product License.

5.    Enter the serial number from the “Trend Micro NAS Security License Pack Guide”, included in your package. Click Activate.
It might take a few minutes for the new license to be registered.

6.    To check the status of the current license, open the Trend Micro NAS Security settings page and navigate to Administration > Product License on the left-side menu.

For more Trend Micro configuration details please refer to the TeraStation User Manual.

Configuring Folders as Virus Scanning Targets
By default, all folders on the TeraStation (including attached USB drives) will be scanned.
To exclude any scan options, clear their checkboxes from the desired Shared folder Option 1 tab.