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How to configure a Share Folder Snapshot Backup Job on TS6000

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Files and snapshots on the backup source will be backed up to the backup destination. Each backup job will create a snapshot before the job runs.
The first backup job runs like a full backup. As each additional backup job runs, files will be added to and deleted from the backup folder.
The number of snapshots kept after backing up to the backup destination will vary depending on the auto-archive settings. If snapshots are backed up on versions later than the versions set on the backup destination, they will be reduced to the latest-configured versions.
Note: If you want to see the history of snapshots on the backup destination folder, use shadow copy or click the “Restore” button in Settings.

Preparing a Snapshot Backup Destination
First, configure a shared folder on a local or remote Buffalo TeraStation 6000 NAS device as a backup destination. Snapshot Backup source and destination both has to be TeraStation 6000 series NAS.
The following procedure explains using another shared folder on a TeraStation 6000 as a backup destination.

1.    From the File Sharing tab, Click the settings icon to the right of “Folder Setup”.

2.    Choose/Create the folder to set as a backup destination.
On the Basic tab, under “LAN Protocol Support”, select the “Backup” checkbox.

3.    Click OK and proceed to the next step to create a backup device access key.

4.    Enter the desired characters into the backup device access key field and click OK.
We highly recommend entering one for the shared folder for data security.
The folder will not show up as a backup source or destination when configuring a backup job on another Buffalo NAS device unless the Access key is entered.

Configure a Share Folder Snapshot Backup Job
1.    From the Backup tab, Click the settings icon to the right of “Backup”.

2.    If you had configured a backup device access key for the backup source or destination folder on another Buffalo NAS device, click Set. If you hadn’t, skip to step 4.

3.    Enter the backup device access key and click OK.

4.    Click Add.

5.    Configure backup settings such as name and the schedule to run.
Select the Operation Mode drop-down to “Snapshot Backup”
Click OK.
Check other options as desired.
Note: Using the “Backup  all snapshots” option could take a large amount of space on the Backup destination.

6.    Scroll down to the folder section and click Add.

7.    Select the shared folder that will be the backup source and destination.

8.    If you want to Snapshot backup to another Terastation 6000 instead of the local NAS, follow the procedure below to add the Terastation 6000 before selecting the backup folders.
a. Click List of Servers at the bottom left.
b. Click Add;
c. Select the “Add Buffalo NAS device” option, enter the IP address or hostname of the destination TeraStation 6000 NAS.
Enable the “rsync Over SSH” option, enter the Username and Password of the destination TeraStation 6000 NAS.
Then click OK to finish.

d. Click Close when completed.
e. Click Refresh and make sure the destination Buffalo TeraStation 6000 shares has been added to the list.

9.    Select the shared folder that will be the backup source and destination. Then click OK.

10.    Confirm the Source and Destination. Click OK to complete setup.

11.    Share Folder Snapshot Backup Job setup complete.