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How-to: Recover WSH5610 from the recovery key

Applies to:
WSH5610DN12S6    (2016 Standard)        
WSH5610DN24S6    (2016 Standard)        
WSH5610DN48S6    (2016 Standard)        
WSH5610DN12S2    (2012 R2 Standard)    
WSH5610DN24S2    (2012 R2 Standard)    

Before you began
You will need a USB SD card reader that able to boot the NAS from the Recovery SD card.
Important note:
The recovery process will initialize the internal OS SSD drive (C:). Your data on the OS drive will be lost.
The recovery process will NOT initialize the RAID drive (D:). Your data on the RAID drive (D:) will not be affected.

1.    Connect mouse&keyboard&VGA monitor&power cord to the unit.
2.    Insert the Recovery SD card using the USB SD card reader into the USB port.
3.    Press the power button to turn the unit on.
4.    Press the F11 key multiple times until the “Please select boot device:” is displayed. When it is displayed, stop pressing F11. If it not displayed, repeat from the step 3.

5.    Press the Down Arrow key and select the USB device beginning with “UEFI:….”, then press the Enter key.
6.    The image restoring process proceeds automatically. This process will take approximately 15mins.
7.    When the image restoring process finishes, the TeraStation WSS shuts down automatically.
8.    Remove the USB recovery key.
9.    Turn on the TeraStation.
10.    When the initial setup is complete, TeraStation will reboot into the Windows Storage Server.