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Initial setup and configuration of an LinkStation SoHo

Applies to LinkStation 200 / SoHo series


1.    Setup your Buffalo NAS out of the box

2.    Use Buffalo NAS Navigator to connect to the LinkStation WEBUI.
       How do I install NAS Navigator?

3.    The first step is to set the administrator password. The administrator username is “admin”. The admin password cannot be “password”.


4.    If you want to create more Shared folder now, click “Create Shared Folder” at the bottom. If not, configure the default Shared folder to be public or private then click Apply.

You can always create more Shared Folder from the WEBUI anytime later.

5.    At this point the basic configuration is complete and the LinkStation is ready for use.
If you want to configure detail settings, click the Advanced Settings tab.

6.    The advanced WEBUI will show up.
For more information consult the user’s guides available at


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