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Manage Buffalo WSS using the Remote Management Service

Learn more about our Free Remote Management Service here.

Applies to models (firmware version v3.62 or later ):



1.    Download the Firmware update compressed file for WSS series units from Buffalo website.

2.    Place the firmware compressed file to the WSS unit. Logon to the WSS unit; unzip the firmware compressed file.

3.    Inside the unzipped folder, execute the “ws-series-firmware” to begin the firmware update.

Note: The firmware update file can only be executed on the WSS unit locally.

4.    Click OK.

5.    It might take a while before the “Installing firmware” message to show up.
The installation will take a few minutes.

6.    System restart is required to complete the update. Close any unfinished tasks and click OK to restart.

7.    After the system restart, the Registration Wizard for Remote Management Service will show up. To setup, click Next.


8.    Enter the Serial Number of the Buffalo WSS NAS and click Next.

9.    Select Allow or Deny Remote Management Service to do remote operations to this NAS.

10.    Enter the Device Registration Key issued by the Remote Management Service and then click Next.
Please refer to the “Generating a Device Registration Key” section from the How to setup the Remote Management Service KB article.


11.    The registration process might take a few minutes.

12.    The device has been successfully registered.

13.    From the Buffalo Dashboard, you can configure the Remote Management Service settings.

14.    The device will now show up on the Device List of the Remote Management Service portal.