Buffalo Americas Releases the TeraStation 6000: Storage Defense Against Cyber Threats

Press Releases Sep 27, 2019

Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of easy-to-use technology solutions and comprehensive pre- and post-sales support, is announcing the release of TeraStation 6000 series. A nimble high-performance network storage solution to ransomware and other malicious software designed to threaten your data.

TeraStation 6000 is a secure and reliable file server and iSCSI NAS solution with NAS-grade hard drives included. This family of Network Attached Storage devices are available in rackmount and desktop options, with capacities ranging from 16TB up to 32TB. As with all Buffalo NAS devices, the TS6000 comes with hard drives included.

In addition to its robust backup features, the TS6000 also uses snapshots to further protect your data. By creating a full virtual copy of your local data that you can easily restore from anytime, the TS6000’s snapshot feature is a true game changer to combat the common occurrences of essential files being overwritten or deleted due to user error. Snapshots are also an effective tool to curb the rising threat of ransomware. Ransomware works by attacking your system and locking you out of your files. In the event of a ransomware attack, you can simply choose to restore specific files to a previously uninfected state, or even revert the entire storage volume to a previous state that has not been infected.



The TS6000 also feature additional data protection. The new model now utilizes copy-on-write to further reduce backup errors when updating files. In addition, the TS6000 now boasts direct iSCSI replication and backup capability, a key backup feature where you can directly connect a TS6000 to another TS6000 device on the network and back up its data. With this method, data is transferred through a separate, closed network, which significantly reduces server bandwidth and workload. In the event of a hard drive issue, the TS6000 new duplex firmware solution allows the system to boot from the NAND flash memory on the system board instead of the hard drive, which keeps operations stable while allowing you to run diagnostics and repair the damaged firmware on the hard drive. This allows the firmware to be recovered without losing data in most cases, adding an extra layer of data security.



The TS6000 showcases Buffalo’s new Remote Management Service (available Fall 2019), an online portal that allows organizations to manage their Buffalo NAS devices directly through a central location. From the Remote Management Service, users can remotely access, track, restart and update the firmware of devices, reducing the need to physically visit the device locations.

In line with Buffalo’s reputation of developing reliable hardware, the TeraStation 6000 features 2.1GHz quad-core CPU, 8GB ECC RAM, a built-in 10GbE port, and NAS-grade hard drives. The TS6000 unit comes with a standard 3-year warranty which can be extended to 5-years with optional warranty services.  Registered devices will also qualify for Buffalo’s data recovery service.

Buffalo products are reliable and easy-to-use and backed by industry leading customer service, including 24/7 North American-based support, and data recovery services.  Responsible for many industry firsts, Buffalo has four decades of networking and computer peripheral manufacturing and design experience.  For more information about Buffalo Americas Inc. and its products, please visit www.BuffaloAmericas.com.