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Press Releases Jul 15, 2021


Buffalo recently shared the White House data security notification that businesses should prepare for ransomware attacks, along with our response to remain committed in combating the rise in ransomware threat. The primary element amongst the recommended security best practices was an inscrutable backup strategy that includes a secure, on-premises backup location. The White House warns of more impending ransomware attacks, and especially urges MSPs to be aware of their role in actively preventing supply chain attacks. The Kaseya ransomware attack on July 2nd has proven just how organized and devastating a wide-reaching ransomware attack can be.

Buffalo remains committed to providing secure, affordable, and effortless backup solutions, and urges . In accordance with the White House, FBI, CISA, and Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, Buffalo strongly recommends customers to implement a dedicated offline backup location with strong encryption and air gap measures.

Buffalo’s acclaimed NAS solutions are widely considered the most secure NAS on the market. Most competitors’ devices allow third party apps to be installed via an app store, which is a possible vector for ransomware, spyware, and other malware. Buffalo NAS Buffalo run on closed systems, with not even the system administrator having root rights, drastically reducing the attack surface.

In addition, Buffalo NAS offer encryption at every level. The boot authentication feature prevents a stolen unit from unauthorized bootups. Even if the physical drives are removed from the unit, they cannot be read by PC or on other TeraStation units. You can also enable AES 256-bit strong encryption for the hard drives in the TeraStation, and encrypt data transfers using HTTPS and SFTP. To further protect against ransomware, the TeraStation 6000 also offers snapshot technology to protect you from ransomware without disrupting business continuity. With snapshots, you can simply use a snapshot in the event of a ransomware attack to revert to a previous data state, bypassing any tedious and costly data recovery processes.

Protecting You and Your Customers

A data breach or ransomware attack not only cripples your customers’ data, but will severely damage your reputation and cause revenue loss as well. In the age of rising ransomware threats, having a secure, offline backup is the only foolproof method to ensure that your data is protected. Buffalo strongly recommends MSPs to take their customers’ data security seriously, and actively utilize an on-premises, offline backup location as a paramount security measure

Responsible for many industry firsts and technology standards, Buffalo has four decades of networking and computer peripheral manufacturing and design experience. Skilled Buffalo team members, including our sales engineers, are able to readily assist with inquiries on designing an effective backup strategy. Contact Buffalo directly at 1-800-688-7466 to get started.