Buffalo’s Remote Management Service for End Users

Press Releases Nov 15, 2019

Buffalo's Remote Management Service

Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of easy-to-use technology solutions and comprehensive pre- and post-sales support, is announcing the new end user exclusive Remote Management Service utility tool for TeraStation 3010, 5010, and 6000 products, the business line of network attached storage solutions. This feature is free of charge and continues Buffalo’s commitment to “customer first” initiative. Remote Management Service for end users is now available here.

Remote Management Service provides new and improved device management capabilities for end users. TeraStation users will have the ability to manage TeraStations from numerous locations from a single cloud-based utility. Comprehensive device management capabilities include system component health monitoring (including hard drives), device error notifications, and remote restart/shutdown, etc. “We are very excited to launch this service, as many of our end users have devices in multiple locations. We are confident this solution will save them both time and resources when it comes to managing their data” said Arthur Traub, Director of DMR, Etail, and Latin America.



Remote Management Service allows end-users to create a detailed list of managed systems, available at a glance by recording system data such as device usage capacity, firmware version, uptime status, information regarding maintenance contracts, and system warranty details.

End users can also save system settings in a new Setting Backup feature, which allows users to save a copy of a TeraStation’s current users, groups, and shared folder settings. This provides quick and easy restoration of the settings in critical situations or the ability to share settings with another TeraStation (such as a replacement units) for fast configuration.

As with Buffalo’s TeraStation Network Storage Solutions, Remote Management Service users have access to Buffalo’s award-winning, 24/7 US-based technical support.