New Partially Populated 1U TeraStation Network Storage Solutions for Scalability

Press Releases Jul 08, 2019

Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of easy-to-use technology solutions and pre- and post-sales support, is announcing new partially populated 1U 4-bay rackmount models in its TeraStation 5010 and 3010 families of Network Attached Storage Devices for flexibility of future expansion. Buffalo aims to provide targeted storage solutions for nearly every industry, and the new models are purpose-built storage solutions designed to meet demanding storage requirements, allowing SMB organizations to take advantage of the reliability and security once only reserved for enterprise-level organizations

All businesses dread having users experience periods of downtime due to overworked servers. Investing in a new server to increase storage space can start at $10k, not to mention the additional resources needed to create new network infrastructure. The new TeraStation models can increase your server space by acting as an iSCSI extension, with the TS5010 models being VMware ready. By implementing a TeraStation NAS as an iSCSI extension, you can instantly add server storage without needing to purchase specialized hardware equipment or shake up your current network setup. Learn more about our iSCSI expansion solution here.

The new models, along with all other TS3010 and TS5010 models, also seamlessly integrate with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Azure, allowing you to create a hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud is optimized by utilizing a public cloud for broad non-essential data cost savings, while the TeraStation and its comprehensive data security features add an extra layer of security to more sensitive data.



The partially-populated models allow users to access high performance storage at lower starting prices while providing flexibility for future expansion. The new partially-populated 4-bay models will include 2 NAS-grade hard drives. The partially-populated TS3010 models will be available in capacities of 4 and 8 TB, while the partially-populated TS5010 models will be available in capacities of 8 and 16 TB. The new devices all come with NovaBACKUP software, pre-tested, NAS-grade hard drives with RAID configured, and rail kits while TS5010 devices also come with native 10GbE port(s) and a quad core processor.

For additional information or to arrange demo unit orders, please contact Buffalo at 800-688-7466 or