Product Transition Announcement - TS3010 Family NAS to TeraStation 3020 NAS Featuring 2.5GbE

Press Releases Dec 09, 2020

Buffalo Americas, Inc. announces product life-cycle status change to the TeraStation 3010 desktop and rackmount network attached storage product family to While Supplies Last.


TeraStation 3010 NAS products will remain commercially available for sale during the While Supplies Last phase through Buffalo’s authorized sales channel. Customers are encouraged to contact Buffalo immediately with any questions.

The TeraStation 3020 featuring 2.5GbE family of desktop & rackmount Network Attached Storage is designated as the direct replacement product series (available for sale now). TeraStation 3020 products are technically superior to the TeraStation 3010 products with higher capacity options. For 24/7 always-on operation, the TS3020 Network Attached Storage Solutions come with pre-tested NAS-grade hard drives. In addition to the reliability of RAID being pre-configured, the TeraStation 3020 comes with a standard 3-year warranty and can qualify for Buffalo's free simple logical data recovery service when registered. Learn more here.

The native 2.5GbE port on TeraStation 3020 allows for users to increase productivity at an entry level price. As long as you have devices that support 2.5GbE, you can use your existing CAT5e cables with 2.5GbE infrastructure. Any work environment will enjoy more bandwidth, with immediate benefits to streaming, data transfers, virtualization, and backups. 2.5GbE makes feasible many activities that are simply too slow via fast or even gigabit Ethernet. Increased transfer speeds allow you to better utilize work storage, enjoy smoother remote work connections, increase virtualization capabilities, and helps save time when backing up computer files to a NAS.


Capacity Configuration TeraStation 3010 TeraStation 3020
4TB 2 Bay Desktop Transitionary TS3210DN0402 TS3220DN0402
8TB Transitionary TS3210DN0802 TS3220DN0802
(partially populated)
4 Bay Desktop Transitionary TS3410DN0402 TS3420DN0402
(partially populated)
Transitionary TS3410DN0802 TS3420DN0802
4TB Transitionary - TS3420DN0402
8TB Transitionary TS3410DN0804 TS3420DN0804
12TB Transitionary TS3410DN1204 TS3420DN1604
16TB Transitionary TS3410DN1604 TS3420DN1604
32TB - - TS3420DN3204
(partially populated)
4 Bay 1U Rackmount Transitionary TS3410RN0402 TS3420RN0402
(partially populated)
Transitionary TS3410RN0802 TS3420RN0802
4TB Transitionary - TS3420RN0402
8TB Transitionary TS3410RN0804 TS3420RN0804
12TB Transitionary TS3410RN1204 TS3420RN1604
16TB Transitionary TS3410RN1604 TS3420RN1604
32TB - - TS3420RN3204


Customers are encouraged to transition to TeraStation 3020 products immediately. For additional information or to arrange demo unit orders, please contact Buffalo at 800-688-7466 or

Learn more about the TeraStation 3020 network attached storage here.