Secure Your Data With Snapshot Data Storage - New Partially Populated NAS Models

Press Releases May 20, 2020

Buffalo Americas, a leading provider of easy-to-use storage technology and comprehensive pre- and post-sales support, is announcing the release of the partially-populated TeraStation 6000 + Snapshot series, a flexible, high-performance network storage solution available in rackmount and desktop enclosures that is designed to evolve with your future data storage needs while protecting your data against ransomware and other common threats.

The TeraStation 6000 is a VMware-ready file server and iSCSI NAS solution that offers capacities ranging from 8TB to up to 32TB. Partially-populated 4-bay models come with two NAS-grade hard drives and two empty drive bays that can be filled at any time. This allows businesses to have a secure, effective NAS device that can meet their current and future needs. Users with a discerning budget can buy the TeraStation 6000 now to fit their immediate data storage needs, while staying nimble for future expansion.

The TeraStation 6000 supports cloud integration with Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft OneDrive. By integrating third-party public cloud services with your existing storage environment, you can implement a hybrid cloud, which can help you optimize costs, security, and control by leveraging the security of local data storage and the broad cost savings of public cloud. For additional flexibility, the TeraStation 6000 also supports Buffalo’s free Remote Management Service, an online portal that allows businesses to manage their Buffalo NAS devices directly through a central location. Users can use the Remote Management Service console to remotely access and monitor NAS devices, as well as perform remote operations such as restarting a device or updating its firmware without needing to physically visit the device, reducing your physical workload.

The TeraStation 6000 boasts several robust backup features to protect your data. The included snapshot feature, allows users to create full virtual copies of data that can be easily restored from any point in time, is a true game changer to combat the common occurrences of essential files being overwritten or deleted due to user error. Snapshots are also an effective tool to curb the rising threat of ransomware. Ransomware works by attacking your system and locking you out of your files. In the event of a ransomware attack, you can simply choose to restore specific files (or even the entire storage volume) to a previously uninfected state instead of having to deal with the hassle of a full restore. Learn more about Ransomware strategies with TeraStation products

Other data protection features include utilizing copy-on-write to further reduce backup errors when updating files, and direct iSCSI replication and backup capability - a key backup feature where you can directly connect a TS6000 to another TS6000 device on the network to back up its data. This feature allows you to transfer data through a separate, closed network, which significantly reduces server bandwidth and workload. The TeraStation 6000 also features a duplex firmware solution where if a hard drive experiences any issues, the firmware can be recovered in most cases without losing data on the drive. Additional security features for the TS6000 are Boot Authentication, 256-bit AES encryption and closed operating system.

In line with Buffalo’s reputation for reliable and easy-to-use storage devices, the TeraStation 6000 features a 2.1GHz quad-core CPU, 8GB ECC RAM, a built-in 10GbE port, and NAS-grade hard drives. The TeraStation 6000 unit comes with a standard three-year warranty, which can be extended to five years with optional warranty services, and is backed by Buffalo’s industry-leading customer service, including award-winning, North America-based 24/7 support and Buffalo’s data recovery service.

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