While Supplies Last Announcement: TeraStation 3000 Series

Press Releases Apr 10, 2017

AUSTIN, TEXAS – April 11th, 2017 – Buffalo Americas formally announces the TeraStation 3000 family of NAS Devices has entered the While Supplies Last phase of its life. TeraStation 3000 Series is a robust four drive NAS solution ideal for small offices and professional users requiring cost-effective network storage to share and safeguard data with the reliability of RAID data protection. With a dual-core ARM processor, TeraStation 3000 efficiently manages file transfers and everyday NAS functions.

The direct replacement of TS3000 series is the new TeraStation 3010 series. The Buffalo TS3010 series is designed for small to medium size businesses and professional users that want to take the next step in protecting their valuable business data.  Many small businesses lack a comprehensive approach to data backup and protection, and that’s exactly what the TS3010 provides.  No more backing up to thumb drives or disks that get misplaced.



These products will be available while supplies last.  Customers looking to secure units after this announcement are encouraged to contact a Buffalo representative immediately.
The original warranty and technical support provided with this product family will remain the same, with assistance available after the actual the official announcement date.


While Supplies Last SKU Numbers:
TS3400D0404 - TS3400D0804 - TS3400D1204 - TS3400D1604 - TS3400R0404 - TS3400R0804 - TS3400R1204 - TS3400R1604


Replacement SKU Numbers:
TS3410DN0404 - TS3410DN0804 - TS3410DN1204 - TS3410DN1604 - TS3410RN0404 - TS3410RN0804 - TS3410RN1204 - TS3410RN1604


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