Partner SPIFF Rewards


Our new SPIFF Program is designed to reward you for each and every qualifying claim. 

How to Claim Rewards

How to Claim a Level 1 Reward: 1) Submit a Level 1 Claim (See SKUs) 2) Claim your Level 1 Reward

How to Claim a Level 2 Reward: 1) Submit a Level 2 Claim or submit 2 Level 1 Claims.

How to Claim a Level 3 Reward: 1) Submit a Level 3 Claim or submit 3 Level 2 Claims or submit 6 Level 1 Claims.

How to Claim a Bonus Reward: 1) Submit 4 Level 3 Claims or submit 6 Level 2 Claims or 12 Level 1 Claims.

Possible Rewards

Click below to see the rewards you can earn in each level. See the full list of reward options, program rules, and qualifying SKUs HERE.



April Raffle Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card

All claims submitted between March 1 - February 31st will be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card! 

One Claim = 1 Raffle Ticket

Live drawing will take place in early May. Participation in the monthly raffle does not affect participation in the Grand Prize Drawing. All qualifying participants have the chance to win all prizes.

Grand Prize: All-inclusive vacation to any Sandals resort of your choice OR $5,000 credit towards your home theater upgrade. One Claim = 1 Raffle Ticket! Raffle Tickets are cumulative between January 1, 2018 - June 30, 2018. Drawing will take place on or about Friday, July 13, 2018. 


Easily Track Your Participation



By entering your claim, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions provided.

Submit your Proof of Purchase and Choose Your Reward Options

Please see the Level Reward pages (buttons above) or the SPIFF Program document to determine which Rewards your claim(s) qualify for. 

If Yes, you want to save your claim(s) for a higher level reward and will not be choosing a reward at this time. If No, please choose the reward(s) corresponding to your claim(s).