LinkStation™ 400 Series 

*This product series is no longer being manufactured and will only be available for a limited time.
>> See our TeraStation 1000 Series for a direct replacement.


Buffalo’s LinkStation 400 Series offers high performance, feature rich network storage and backup for all PC and Mac® computers on your home network at speeds up to 80+ Mbps.

Simply connect it to your wireless router for access anywhere in your home or on-the-go. Enjoy your movies, music, photos and more.




Buffalo's LinkStation 420 is a high performance 2-drive network storage device that comes equipped with a whole host of features, perfect for storing, sharing, serving and protecting your most important data.

Back up multiple PCs and Mac computers simultaneously and enjoy uninterrupted access to terabytes of storage on your network and even over the Internet while away from home.


  • High Performance - Up to 3X Faster than a Standard NAS Device*
  • Consolidate storage and back up your PC and Mac® computers
  • Set up automatic data protection with RAID 1 mirroring
  • Create a free personal cloud for access to your files anytime, anywhere over the internet
  • Access files from your tablet and smartphone devices

  • Intuitive user interface and easy-to-use setup wizard
  • DLNA Certified™, iTunes® and PS3™ media server functionality
  • Built-in BitTorrent client for simplified file downloading and management
  • USB port for backup or printer sharing
  • LinkStation™ NAS System


Equipped with a high performance 1.2 GHz dual issue ARM processor and DDR3 RAM, LinkStation 400 offers much more than simple home shared storage.

This network storage device boasts transfer speeds up to 80+ MB/s, nearly twice as fast as a USB 2.0 drive and three times faster than a standard NAS device.

Easy Scheduled Backup for PC and MacEASY SCHEDULED BACKUP FOR PC AND MAC

LinkStation 400 features five licenses of NovaBACKUP® Workstation - Buffalo Edition and Time Machine® support for Mac for whole home data backup. Disaster and hard drive failures happen unexpectedly; don't leave your important files and treasured memories in the hands of chance. Schedule backups for every computer in your house and easily protect all of your data, down to the very last byte.

secure central storageSECURE CENTRAL STORAGE

With terabytes of storage, LinkStation 400 provides a reliable, central location to store all data from every PC and Mac computer, tablet device and smartphone in your home or small office. Store, access and share files from anywhere over your wireless network at speeds up to three times as fast as a standard NAS device.

linkstation 400 secure central storage


LinkStation 420 features two hard drives and support for RAID 0/1 for maximum capacity or redundant data protection.

  • RAID 0 combines all drives into a single array offering maximum capacity with no redundancy
  • RAID 1 mirrors the two drives, creating an exact copy of data for fault tolerance

linkstation 400 raid 0

linkstation 400 raid 1

When two or more hard drives are inserted, LinkStation 441e supports RAID 0/1/5/10 for maximum capacity or redundant data protection.ted, LinkStation 441e supports RAID 0/1/5/10 for maximum capacity or redundant data protection.

  • RAID 0 combines all drives into a single array offering maximum capacity with no redundancy
  • RAID 1 mirrors the two drives, creating an exact copy of data for fault tolerance
  • RAID 5 distributes parity data amongst drives and is used to regenerate lost data
  • RAID 10 splits up data and writes it on a pair of drives, then data is copied to another pair of drives, with each pair configured as a single array

linkstation 400 raid 5

free personal cloud serviceFREE PERSONAL CLOUD SERVICE

While on the go, Buffalo's free WebAccess service allows you to create a personal cloud for easy remote access and file sharing with anyone, anywhere over the Internet. Your data remains securely stored in one place on your home or small office network, but you can access it quickly from any computer, tablet or smartphone device over the Web.

linkstation 400 free personal cloud serviceFor enhanced access on your iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad and Android™ devices, download Buffalo's free WebAccess mobile apps.

WebAccess i for iPhone® and iPod® touch

WebAccess i HD for iPad®
WebAccess A for Android™


The LinkStation 400 comes equipped with three USB ports, allowing users to increase storage capacity and/or backup to another device for an extra level of data protection.

linkstation 400 usb expansion

stream your favorite mediaSTREAM YOUR FAVORITE MEDIA

LinkStation 400 is DLNA Certified and it can be used as an iTunes server to stream all of your favorite music, movies and shows to multiple devices simultaneously. Now you can relax and watch movies on your big screen TV while music is pumped outdoors by the pool. Centralize your media files for simple sharing and streaming.

linkstation nas systemLINKSTATION NAS SYSTEM

LinkStation 400 runs on Buffalo's LinkStation NAS System, providing a host of useful features from network file sharing and security to RAID management, remote access and more. Included on all Buffalo LinkStation devices, LinkStation NAS System simplifies your everyday data needs.

*Standard NAS configuration based on a 600 MHz Single Issue ARM processor with 64 MB DDR2 RAM.



Part numbers LS410D0201
Form factor Desktop



1.2 GHz dual issue ARM


512 MB DDR3

Internal Hard Drives

Number of drive bays

1: LinkStation™ 410D
2: LinkStation™ 420D, LinkStation™ 421DE


0TB: LS421DE
2TB: LS410D0201 (1 x 2TB), LS420D0202 (2 x 1TB)
3TB: LS410D0301 (1 x 3TB)
4TB: LS410D0401 (1 x 4TB), LS420D0402 (2 x 2TB)
8TB: LS420D0802 (2 x 4TB)

Drive interface

SATA 3 Gbps: LinkStation™ 410, LinkStation™ 420, LinkStation™ 421DE

SATA 6 Gbps: LinkStation™441DE

Supported RAID levels

0/1/JBOD: LinkStation™ 220 (when two hard drives are inserted)

0/1/5/10/JBOD: LinkStation™ 220

LAN Interface

Standards compliance IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T), IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX), IEEE802.3ab (1000BASE-T), AUTO-MDIX
Data transfer rates 10/100/1000 Mbps (auto sensing)
Number of ports 1
Connector type RJ-45
Supported protocols TCP/IP
Network file services CIFS/SMB, AFP, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP

USB Interface

Standards compliance

USB 2.0: LinkStation™ 410, LinkStation™ 420

USB 3.0/2.0: LinkStation™ 421DE

Data transfer rates 5 Gbps* (USB 3.0)
480 Mbps* (USB 2.0)
Number of ports 1 x USB 2.0: LinkStation™ 410, LinkStation™ 420
1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0: LinkStation™ 421DE

* 480 Mbps and 5 Gbps are the maximum transfer rates derived from the specifications of the Universal Serial Bus 2.0 and 3.0. Actual transfer rates will vary depending upon environmental factors. Data rates, features and performance may vary based on the configuration of your system and other factors.

Environmental and Power

Power consumption 24W Max: LinkStation™ 410
48W Max: LinkStation™ 420, LinkStation™ 421DE
Power supply External AC 100-240V universal, 50/60Hz
Operating temperature 41° - 95°F (0° - 35°C)
Operating humidity 20 - 80% non-condensing


Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.07 x 1.77 x 5.02 in: LinkStation™ 410
8.07 x 3.43 x 5.02 in: LinkStation™ 420, LinkStation™ 421DE
Weight 2.87 lbs: LinkStation™ 410
5.29 lbs: LinkStation™ 420
1.76 lbs: LinkStation™ 421DE
Compatible hard drives (LinkStation™ 420 only) OP-HD1.0BST-3Y
Client OS support

Windows® 10

Windows® 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® 7 (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows Vista® (32-bit/64-bit)
Windows® XP
Windows® 2000
Windows Server® 2012
Windows Server® 2008
Windows Server® 2003
Windows® 2000 Server
Mac OS® X up to 10.10*

*Some included optional utilities are not supported. The HDD default format is NTFS; to work with Mac, reformat the HDD using Mac Disk Utility.

Included software LinkNavigator
TurboPC EX*
USB Navigator*
Adobe® Reader®

* Only included with LinkStation™ 410 & 420

Box contents LinkStation™
Setup CD-ROM
Quick setup guide
Ethernet cable
AC adapter
AC cable
Warranty statement




    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2018-07-11 1.85 Windows Firmware for the LS400 Series Linkstation
2018-07-11 1.85 Mac Firmware Updater for Linkstation 400 Series


    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2016-25-04 User Manuals and Quick Setup Guides for LS410/LS420/LS421DE LinkStations
2016-29-04 User's manual and Quick Setup Guide for the LinkStation 441DE
2018-07-11 1.85 Windows Readme for Linkstation 400 Series Firmware - Windows
2018-07-11 1.85 Mac Readme for Linkstation 400 Series Firmware - Macintosh
2019-04-03 2.96 Windows Readme for NAS Navigator for Windows
2019-04-03 2.96 Mac Readme for NAS Navigator for Mac
2016-25-04 1.20 Windows Readme for LinkNavigator for LS400 for Windows
2016-25-04 1.20 Mac Readme for LinkNavigator for LS400 for Mac
1.87 KB 2016-25-04 Windows Readme for Network USB Navigator for Windows
4.12 KB 2016-25-04 Mac Readme for Network USB Navigator for Mac


    File Size Post Date Version OS Support Notes
2019-04-03 2.96 Windows NAS Navigator for Windows
2019-04-03 2.96 Mac NAS Navigator for Mac
64.92 MB 2016-25-04 1.20 Windows LinkNavigator for LS400 Windows
17.69 MB 2016-25-04 1.20 Mac LinkNavigator for LS400 for Mac
2016-25-04 14.1.11 Windows NovaBACKUP Professional for Windows
10.29 MB 2016-25-04 Windows Network USB Navigator for Windows
10.12 MB 2016-25-04 Mac Network USB Navigator for Mac


LinkStation™ 410 2TB

  • - 1
  • - 2

LinkStation™ 410 3TB

  • - 1
  • - 3

LinkStation™ 410 4TB

  • - 1
  • - 4

LinkStation™ 421 Enclosure

  • - 2

LinkStation™ 420 2TB

  • - 2
  • - 2

LinkStation™ 420 4TB

  • - 2
  • - 4

LinkStation™ 420 8TB

  • - 2
  • - 8

LinkStation™ 441 Enclosure

  • - 4

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