5GbE - A Real Game Changer

Apr 11, 2017

Designed to satisfy users who are seeking immediate performance improvements 

Most enthusiasts are unable to access the full potential of 5GbE networking from 1GbE networking although their computers do have 5GbE ports. Even though the need is there; with image resolution becoming sharper which consistently increases file sizes and the need for faster access of data with their growing files size. This is because users who have begun the transition to 5GbE networking have not yet implemented 5GbE switch into their network.

Until now there has not been a cost effective versatile switch which would allow users to scale to 2.5 GbE and then 5GbE while using their current network. That is because Buffalo is first to market with an entry level multi gigabit switch which uses the IEEE802.3bz standard with its BS-MP20 Ethernet switches. 

We know that the networking quickly moving to 5GbE gaming and data sharing. Many computers and devices are already being sold with 5GbE ports. The only way to take full advantage of those ports is with a switch capable of accessing 5GbE.

Built for your needs now and in the future

The BS-MP20 switches feature 2.5 & 5GBASE-T (IEEE802.3bz) which means you can expect higher data transfer speeds with existing 1GbE environments. Simply put, with 

IEEE802.3bz compliant, you can attain connection speeds at 2.5 and 5GbE with your current network.

By using the intermediate speeds up to 5GbE, users can take advantage of up to 5x increased bandwidth over 1GbE. This immediately resolves lag time issues.

Prepare for new gaming standards as motherboard manufacture sets are building 5GbE based boards. This will drastically increase the bandwidth over their current network and still be compatible for their future 10GbE upgrade.








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