A Must-Have for Any Property Owner Buffalo’s TeraStation™ 5200 NVR with AXIS® Camera Companion

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A major shift is underway in the video surveillance industry. Consumers are continually transitioning away from outdated analog video surveillance to more advanced IP-based systems. Recent innovations in the IP-camera, network switching and digital storage markets have made previously unimagined surveillance and networking features available to home and small business owners.

Buffalo and Axis Communications partnered to facilitate this market transition and provide consumers with an affordable, turn-key network surveillance solution – the Buffalo TeraStation 5200 NVR with built-in support for AXIS® Camera Companion. As a feature rich, easy-to-use surveillance system, the TeraStation 5200 NVR was exactly what business owner Jim Powers needed to keep an eye on his investment property.

Protecting Your Investment

Jim Powers owns an apartment complex in Manchester, NH, as an investment property under Point of View Trust, LLC. The three story building consists of six residential units, a parking lot, two main entrances and a basement that doubles as a laundry room. With Jim based in Bedford, just one town over, he decided to employ the services of a property management group to oversee the day to day operations of the property.

After a few instances of illicit activity on the property, Jim explored his video surveillance options in order to better protect his investment. His primary objective was to be able to observe activities remotely to inform the property management company of any issues or repairs that needed to be addressed. Furthermore, Jim wanted to give residents peace of mind knowing that a visible deterrent is onsite to discourage potential thieves and intruders.

The Dyson Street Project

Jim consulted with Buffalo to help him determine the best solution to fit his security surveillance needs. After settling on a system powered by Buffalo's surveillance NVR, he was introduced to a local IT service provider to design and install the complete solution.

The storage and networking infrastructure consisted of a TeraStation 5200 NVR and an 8-Port Gigabit 802.3at PoE Web Managed Switch (BSL-PS-G2108M), which was securely locked in a basement cabinet. With 2 TB of capacity, the TeraStation 5200 NVR can retain footage for about a month before it needs to rewrite. The TeraStation comes in a default RAID 1 setting which automatically mirrors the two internal hard drives, creating an exact copy of the footage for increased system reliability should one of the drives fail.

To monitor activities in and around the complex, the installer positioned six motion-activated Axis network cameras in the following areas:
• A Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) network camera with a bird's eye view of the entire building and parking lot
• A fixed mini dome camera covering both entryways
• Two M1054 cameras watching the hallways
• Two M1054 cameras in the basement/laundry

One of the basement cameras was fixed on the locked cabinet that contained the NVR and switch in order to observe anyone who might try to tamper with the system.

Peace of Mind from Far Away

The installation process was quick and easy. Axis One-Click installation allowed for seamless NVR network integration with each Axis IP camera for hassle-free system configuration and deployment. With support for up to 16 HD Axis cameras, the TeraStation NVR is highly scalable should Jim decide to add more cameras for additional surveillance coverage.

Jim found the built-in support for Axis Camera Companion (ACC) more than satisfied his desire for remote access to his investment property. He can easily view recorded footage or live video streams from each camera using his mobile device via free iOS or Android applications. In addition, if he needs to adjust the PTZ camera to get a better look at something specific, he can adjust it from his computer at home.