Buffalo Recovery Center 25 helps save a customer’s data

Use CaseOct 31, 2016 Download


The Buffalo TeraStation StorageCraft Recover Center 25 is fast and reliable, so Momentum can keep its small business customers in business when disaster strikes.

It didn’t take long for Momentum IT Services’ new Buffalo NAS backup and disaster recovery appliance to pay dividends for one of its clients who had entrusted the managed services provider with maintaining their uptime.  

That client, a large ad agency, experienced  failed domain controller that brought down their server, and Mobile, Ala.-based Momentum quickly went into action, explains CEO Marc Allen. Momentum turned to its new TeraStation™ StorageCraft Recovery Center 25, a Microsoft® Windows Storage Server™-based BDR appliance designed for small businesses.  “It was literally within 10 days of implementing the TeraStation,” says Allen about the timing. “The agency’s data was backed up to the TeraStation via StorageCraft’s software when the server went down. We were immediately able to spin up the server virtually on the TeraStation and keep them up and running while we repaired the server.  They didn’t miss a beat.”The TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 25 comes enabled with StorageCraft recovery tools and utilities preinstalled and preconfigured, and is tested and supported by both Buffalo and StorageCraft. This collaboration provides resellers with a vetted solution that is ready to go out of the box. It includes 12TB of storage preconfigured in a RAID5 setting. The solution provider simply needs to purchase the necessary StorageCraft ShadowProtect licenses for the job.  Allen, already a StorageCraft partner, was excited when he learned about the BDR NAS appliance. It’s a concept he had been thinking about for his clients, the ability to store and manage StorageCraft images plus spin up virtual machines all on one device—quickly and reliably. “It’s affordable, able to manage backup images, and powerful enough to spin up one to two virtual machines simultaneously. All of those factors make it real attractive for us.”  The TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 25 gives service providers numerous ways to generate recurring revenue: local and site-to-site replication options, backup to colocation/data center or public clouds, or to the Storage-Craft Cloud which supports virtualization in their cloud.  The best feature for Momentum’s customers? No downtime and faster recovery.


Momentum, founded in 2010, supports more than 30 local companies from a variety of industries with three to 65 employees, and is growing. Services include backup and disaster recovery, cloud, network admin, security, help desk, and VoIP.  The TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 25 is helping Momentum with its mission: remove technology difficulties and increase productivity and efficiency for all clients. “I was so excited when I learned they consolidated all these features into one box, and made this nice and simple. That’s why I immediately bought one and startedusing it,” says Allen.  And signed up a new customer that same week, the Battleship USS Alabama, one of the top tourist attractions in the state. “They can’t afford any downtime,” says Allen.  “We were able to guarantee them if their server went down we could keep them up and running on the TeraStation
while repairs to the server are made. They were onboard immediately.”  In addition to the TeraStation’s speed, affordability, and reliability, “Buffalo and StorageCraft are great partners, and we know they are there when we need them.  Knowing both companies developed this solution gives us confidence that when we take that call everything is in place to support the customer.”The Buffalo TeraStation StorageCraft Recovery Center 25 is fast and reliable,so Momentum can keep its small business customers in business when disaster strikes.