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Jul 01, 2019

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Hybrid cloud - A different approach to storage backup.

While recent developments in cloud computing and modern NAS solutions have reshaped the landscape of modern businesses, more and more organizations are moving to a hybrid cloud - that is, combining public cloud services with on-premise private cloud environments. For companies that want to maximize the benefits of both public and private cloud environments, a hybrid cloud model offers tremendous advantages.

The hybrid cloud model gives you greater control over customization and scalability that you don't get with just a public or private cloud model. For example, you can prioritize what data stays on your on-premise storage versus what you move to the cloud, giving you secure access to sensitive data while lowering server costs on non-essential data.

Buffalo's TeraStations are the perfect NAS devices that allow you to tailor your hybrid cloud model to your specific business requirements.

The TS6000 also supports full integration with four major public cloud providers - Dropbox, Amazon S3*, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft OneDrive.

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This gives you the flexibility to schedule an automatic full backup to the cloud without disrupting operations, as well as the ability to remotely share files on a network with business partners.

Implement a hybrid cloud backup strategy for cost savings and added protection

You can also make changes to a local file on a TeraStation 6000 and quickly sync it with the cloud, keeping your business efficient while lowering bandwidth costs. OneDrive support is especially convenient for businesses that widely use Windows. Organizations can use a single OneDrive license to access the cloud through a TeraStation 6000 instead of having to purchase multiple licenses, and service providers can integrate directly with their clients' OneDrive accounts to better service them.

While public cloud providers go through great lengths to protect sensitive user data, the fact remains that the public cloud is much more vulnerable to cyberattacks than on-premise private clouds. Some industries, such as healthcare and finance, even have strict regulations regarding user data storage and public cloud. To mitigate the risk of data leakage, the best strategy is to keep your most sensitive data local by storing it on your on-premise storage and only keep your less sensitive data on the public cloud.

Add an extra layer of security for your data

Buffalo's TeraStation 6000 solution offers not only convenient backup solutions such as scheduled automated backups to both on-premise devices and to the cloud, but also structural data protection using RAID configurations with parity. This grants you an extra layer of security for sensitive files by allowing you to store certain files locally. Additional features such as snapshots, failover, and data replication offer multi-level data failure protection that covers any disaster scenario.

You will be able to keep your local data more secure when it is moved from the public cloud to your on-premise storage. We recommend that you keep your most sensitive data local by storing it on your on-premise storage and only move your less sensitive data to the public cloud.

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You determine what that right mix looks like, depending on business requirements. For example, with a hybrid cloud solution you could routinely back up your data all day on your NAS device at no cost, and then at the end of the day, make one large data update to your cloud account. Or, if you start running out of space on your cloud account and don’t want to purchase more, you can always prioritize what data stays on your NAS (sensitive data) versus what you put into the cloud (less sensitive data). This is flexibility that you currently don’t get with one or the other.

*80 percent of the 400 IT decision-makers who participated in IDC’s 2018 Cloud and AI Adoption Survey said their organization has migrated either applications or data that were primarily part of a public cloud environment to an on-premises or private cloud solution in the last year.


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Find your right mix hybrid backup strategy

Buffalo considers the hybrid cloud a "best of both worlds" solution to address business efficiency. A customized hybrid cloud model allows businesses to capitalize on broad public cloud data storage savings while maintaining on-premise storage for flexible data access and greater data security. Our different TeraStation solutions are ideally positioned to help you take advantage of both public and private cloud benefits, integrating efficient storage solutions, broad business application support, and robust data protection seamlessly to help you design your perfect hybrid cloud.

In addition to flexible and proven product offerings, Buffalo’s expert technicians are on hand 24/7 in North America to help advise you on the right hybrid cloud backup strategy—one that effectively protects your information and makes good business sense. Want to explore other options? Learn about  the private cloud solution here:

*Amazon web service compatibility is planed in future for TS6000

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*Statistic provided by IDC

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