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Storage Solutions from Buffalo Add Extra Layers of Defense

Losing sensitive data due to theft or damage to a physical device can crush an organization. At the same time, cyberattacks have become more frequent and sophisticated, forcing organizations to proactively protect hardware and information assets. And, if you’re in certain industries, like healthcare or financial services, you’re also under pressure to secure information to better meet compliance mandates like HIPAA compliancy and avoid hefty fines.

We build multiple layers of physical and digital security into our solutions that help you better protect your hardware assets and the valuable information stored on NAS devices. Here are some of Buffalo’s security solutions that will help strengthen your security posture:

Lock Down Hardware Assets with Physical Security Measures 


White security chain inside gray box inside a blue circle icon Kensington Security Slot

Many of Buffalo storage devices include a Kensington slot that securely connects your storage device to a particular location, preventing removal.

Key inside a gray box inside a red circle icon

Front Panel Lock

 The front panel lock included on our TeraStation desktop products helps deter unauthorized users from removing the hard drives.

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Boot Authentication

This security measure requires users to authenticate—via password or authentication server before the system boots up and information on the hard disks can be read. This helps prevent information from becoming compromised. Boot authentication is currently available on TeraStation™ 3010 and 5010 series NAS devices only. 


Safeguard Information Stored Digitally


Power button inside a red circle iconAES 256-bit encryption (Advance Encryption Standard)

Information stored on hard drives is encrypted until proper authorization is received. An additional deterrent when encryption is enabled prevents hard drives from one NAS device being used in another if removed or stolen. This is an optional feature that must be turned on for use.

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Ransomware solutions

Buffalo TeraStation NAS enables you to limit access to backups and establish read-only permissions for some users as part of your back-up solution. This way you can still access backed-up information in case of a ransomware attack.

Scanner sensing security in a red circle icon

Optional: Trend Micro Antivirus

The Security anti-virus service scans files on a scheduled or in real-time, protecting the data on the TeraStation from the threat of virus.




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