Security Notices

Nov 12, 2019

Security Notices

We investigate our product line regularly


Security vulnerabilities may allow attackers to access your TeraStation NAS device and deploy malware, carry out a denial‐of‐service (DoS) attack, or steal data. Refer to the charts below for more information on discovered vulnerabilities. Buffalo will regularly release firmware updates to resolve identified vulnerabilities.

Check the list of identified vulnerabilities and products affected:

Date Description of vulnerability & updates Affected products


TS1000/FW 1.65 TS3000/ FW pending TS5000 FW 4.02 TS3010/5010 FW 4.48 TS6000 FW 5.06 TS3020 FW 4.51 TS7000 FW 2.65


Report Vulnerabilities

Please contact: to report security issues that might affect Buffalo products.

Please note that this e-mail address is used for monitoring potential product security issues and prompt reply may not be expected unless further information is required. For technical support for Buffalo products, please visit our Support page instead.