Use Cases: TeraStation™ WSS and WSH

White Papers Dec 13, 2017

With the TeraStation WS5020 desktop & rackmount and WSH5610DNS6, you can easily manage data, data backups, and file sharing while allowing branch offices to stay consistent within their Microsoft based programs such as Office 360, OneDrive, and all other programs written for Microsoft. Unlike other Buffalo NAS products, the WSH5610DNS6 & WS5020 are powered by Windows Storage Server 2016, providing users with seamless integration with Windows systems, leading to an easy set-up and streamlined experience.

This turnkey solution will:

Incorporate Network Attached Storage solutions into Microsoft environments

These Windows based devices allow branch offices to backup and replicate data while retaining a full Microsoft environment across their entire program. If your company uses Office 365 for the base of its programs, without the need for any 3rd party program, these devices will automatically run all of your Window’s based applications after you certify authenticity.

Lower data storage costs while increasing capacity

You can use Microsoft Storage Spaces, compatible with the WSH5610DNS6 & WS5020 series, for private cloud development, as well as cost-effective storage for both virtual and physical deployments. The software can also provide lowered cost and improved performance for business owners through the following additional capabilities:

  • Use Data Deduplication to store more files in less space.
  • Connect to remote disks as if they were local using iSCSI storage devices.
  • Move existing data for complex applications to new storage, freeing up space without the need to purchase a new server.

Provide a streamlined, hassle-free experience

The TeraStation™ WSH5610DNS6 & WS5020 Series offers a streamlined experience for those that use Windows systems, with the flexibility of interoperability with non-Windows applications.

Those who use Microsoft OneDrive or Azure as their third-party cloud solution will be able to easily integrate their current cloud storage set-up with their new devices, saving time and hassle. Office 365 users can revel in the simplicity of utilizing storage devices which were made to be compatible with favorite programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and SMB 3.0 can help anyone simplify their storage set-up by creating new options and abilities. Organize storage for application servers, no matter the difference in storage requirements, and connect applications with almost any workload to the target using the iSCSI initiator. 

Additionally, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) allows for backup of remote file storage and works with all third-party backup software that uses VSS. Now, you can back up data stored on SMB file shares from any location. 

The TeraStation™ WSH5610DNS6 & WS5020 Series are the ideal solution for those looking to keep consistency with a Microsoft environment, lower data storage costs, streamline their storage set-up, and experience continuous peace of mind from time of purchase to time of expansion. Incorporating Native 10GbE connectivity with the powerful dual-core Intel® Atom™ Processor and 8 GB of installed RAM, the WS5020 series provides maximum performance and an array of business-class features, such as remote access, RAID management, data encryption for secure wire transfers, and more.



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