Windows Server IoT Network Storage: Overview and Benefits



In the past, inconsistent data storage and recovery systems lead to the advent of the modern network-attached storage (NAS) solution. NAS quickly gained popularity, and in 2003 Microsoft released Windows Storage Server, a version of the Windows Server operating system that is optimized for NAS devices, and the rest is history. Since their inception, NAS devices running Windows Storage Server have been pillars in IT infrastructure, providing reliable and affordable storage and backup solutions in countless industries, from retail to manufacturing to healthcare.

What Is Windows Server IoT

The latest version of Windows Storage Server is Windows Server IoT 2019 for Storage Standard Edition, and it is designed to provide businesses with the opportunity to thrive in the emerging IoT business landscape. IoT (Internet of Things) refers to a system of interrelated objects and devices that are able to process and transfer data over the Internet without any human intervention. With so much data on the go, a potent IoT solution can help businesses gather, store, and process large amounts of data quickly and securely. Windows Server IoT 2019 offers the full capabilities of Windows Server 2019, along with even more cost savings as the system is integrated onto NAS devices in order to provide businesses with a dynamic and cost-effective solution in order to implement their own IoT solutions as they see fit.

How Windows Server IoT 2019 Can Benefit You

Windows Server IoT allows IT administrators to easily manage large data loads with increased hardware utilization and efficient resource management. Windows Server IoT 2019 devices work seamlessly with all Windows products and services such as Office 365 and Azure and OneDrive, making deployment in Windows environments a breeze. Windows Server IoT offers high device availability, with numerous replication and data security features to help you achieve a high-redundancy data protection plan. The system also provides numerous virtualization capabilities such as Hyper-V and iSCSI. By consolidating multiple virtual file servers onto a single device, you can centralize resource management and maintenance, and create a scalable data storage/backup solution that lowers your TCO as you expand by reducing physical hardware overhead.

Regardless of the industry, Windows Server IoT can enable innumerable IoT scenarios with endpoint devices and smoothly handle aggregate data. Windows Server IoT 2019 devices can provide high-capacity storage and seamless scaling between edge devices and the cloud. For example, a business can easily set up a surveillance system to improve safety, or enable real-time equipment tracking and maintenance to prevent operation disruptions.

Windows Server IoT TeraStations

Buffalo’s TeraStation WS5020 IoT 2019 NAS devices aim to provide open-ended storage solutions for businesses as they see fit. The TeraStation 5020 enables a wide variety of IoT scenarios for customers regardless of industry, and provides extensive value in a flexible storage and backup solution that is widely considered the most secure NAS on the market. Buffalo prides itself in providing data storage solutions that offer the security, stability, and simplicity you need so you can manage your data with peace of mind. Responsible for many industry firsts and technology standards, Buffalo has four decades of networking and computer peripheral manufacturing and design experience. For more information about Buffalo Americas Inc. and its products, please visit

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