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What is Windows Storage Server 2016?

Windows® Storage Server 2016 is an operating System (OS) that uses the power of Windows Server but specializes in file server functions, organizing stores, and protecting valuable end user data. BUFFALO offers two dedicated network attached storage solution series with WSS2016 – the TeraStation™ WS5020N6 and WSH5610DNS6.*


The Benefits of a NAS with Windows Storage Server

The biggest benefit of having Windows Storage Server OS on a NAS is seamless and strong integration in networks with exclusively  Windows policies and/or fully integrated Windows environments. As Windows Storage Server includes the exact same management tools such as Server Manager and PowerShell that come with other Windows Server editions, you will have easy integration with your existing Windows Servers.

*The 2- and 4-bay desktop versions come with WSS Workgroup Edition, the 6-bay desktop and 4-bay rackmount versions with WSS Standard Edition



Case study of customers trusting TeraStation™ Windows Storage Server NAS

Peers Hardy Group

Watch manufacturer


The Challenge:

After its expansion into the Far East, the company needed to adapt its IT infrastructure and was looking for a storage solution that would fulfill the following requirements:

  • Windows operating system
  • Compatible with Microsoft Azure Backup Server
  • Capable of centralizing backup operations in order to facilitate management and monitoring


The Solution:

  • Buffalo’s TeraStation™ WSH5610 Windows Storage Server with Hardware RAID (head office), 2 x WS5600DR2 (branch offices, had been implemented before)
  • WSH5610 acts as a consolidation point, collecting all local backups and moving them to its Azure Cloud Backup platform


The Benefits:

  • Saving costs on management, maintenance and energy
  • Hardware RAID provides lightning fast performance as well as
  • Reliability and resilience




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