Maximize Existing Server Investment and Minimize Costs

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Maximize Existing Server Investment and Minimize Costs by Adding High Performance iSCSI NAS
Learn How to Implement 10GbE Based TeraStation NAS in Virtualized Environments




Buffalo's TeraStation 5010 series provides a high performance scalable storage solution for virtual environments.

TeraStation 5010 NAS

  • High Performacne NAS
  • Scale-as-you-go devices
  • Native 10GbE
  • Hard drives included
  • NAS/Enterprise-grade hard drives


iSCSI offers the best performance value for adding storage space to a virtual host.

By using the TS5010 & TS7000 as an iSCSI target:

  • You will provide large amounts of storage to a virtual host
  • No need to add drives to the host itself - Easy plug and play
  • Will not sacrifice performance
  • Can use existing network equipment
  • No need to learn fiber SAN topology configuration


There are 2 ways to use iSCSI in a virtualized environment to free-up server space. It can be used as a storage for virtual host or as storage for an individual virtual machine.



To extend the life of your server and optimize your Buffalo NAS device in a virtualized environment, feel free to contact us at 800.688.7466 with any questions or to secure a demo unit.


For a quick reference, visit our knowledge base here and view our latest iSCSI videos below:

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