What is iSCSI Server Expansion and How Can it Save My Server

What is iSCSI Server Expansion and How Can it Save My Server?

Maximize Existing Server Investment and Minimize Costs by Adding High Performance iSCSI NAS

In recent years, many organizations are utilizing efficient storage area network (SAN) as the on-premise data storage solution to help escape the trap of constantly buying a lot of disks and drives into a patchwork of servers. For organizations with existing physical server infrastructures, integration with a Buffalo iSCSI-SAN is simple and efficient and offers expansive storage with robust data security features to protect your data.

Buffalo has a history of focusing on reliable and powerful hardware and feature-laden software. TeraStation Network Attached Storage solutions are designed to be easy to use and comes in fully- or partially-populated models, with NAS or Enterprise-grade hard drives included that allow for 24/7 operation. It can also double as an iSCSI device.

Since iSCSI operates on TCP/IP protocols, it utilizes the same standardized, inexpensive Ethernet equipment as a local area network (LAN), which not only provides the flexibility of allowing differently-branded network storage devices to integrate seamlessly on the same network, but also reduces potential costs by preventing the need to purchase specialized hardware. iSCSI also does not require specialized IT staff as any technician who is familiar with TCP/IP can easily install, configure, and troubleshoot an iSCSI-SAN.

What is iSCSI?

  • In short, it is an interface (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface) iSCSI
  • It is used so that a virtual host (server) can see a storage media and interact with it


iscsi server expansion on network

Why is iSCSI relevant?

iSCSI offers the best performance value for adding storage space to a virtual host (server).


person expanding their server capacity through iscsi

How does iSCSI add storage space to a virtual host (server) while maintaining strong performance?

iSCSI improves PC performance in the network by allowing large storage arrays to connect to client systems without the need for custom hardware or cabling.

iscsi server expansion on network



iSCSI offers the best performance value for adding storage space to a virtual host (server)

  • Can provide large amounts of storage to a virtual host (server)
  • No need to add drives to the host itself - Easy plug and play
  • Doesn’t sacrifice performance
  • Can use existing network equipment
  • No need to learn fiber SAN topology configuration

* A virtual environment is when an operating system creates an environment to host virtual machines (computers).

Best NAS for server expansion through iSCSI:

There are 2 ways to use iSCSI in a virtualized environment to free-up server space. It can be used as a storage for virtual host or as storage for an individual virtual machine.


iscsi server expansion on network

To extend the life of your server and optimize your Buffalo NAS device in a virtualized environment, feel free to contact us at 800.688.7466 with any questions or to secure a demo unit.


For a quick reference, visit our knowledge base here and view our latest iSCSI videos below:

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