How do I find my serial number?

Your serial number can be found in different locations depending on the unit you have.

This site is for Americas customers only, and other regions' serial numbers will not be found.

Serial Number locations


I Don’t Have A Serial Number

Buffalo requires complete serial number information so we can provide you with the best possible level of service as laid out in our scope of support.


Support will not be provided without a serial number, regardless of contact channel. Not providing a serial number will only delay your service unnecessarily. 


Serial Numbers are 14 digit numbers (no letters) and can be located on your unit


User manuals and additional product downloads are available without the serial number, just enter your model number on the 'downloads' search in the support header menu.


A NOTE FOR OUT OF WARRANTY CUSTOMERS: Buffalo does provide a method for you to get support after the warranty period has expired, but the serial number is still required. Submitting a request without a serial number will result in an email asking you for one. You can submit an out of warranty request here.


For help buying a Buffalo device, go to this link.


Buffalo Americas prides itself on offering best in class support for your products. Our technical support team can help you with configuration, troubleshooting, and other support issues for all Buffalo Americas products. Enter your serial number to contact us via phone, email or chat. This site cannot provide support for units manufactured for other regions. Click here for other regions' sites.

Buffalo serial numbers are 14 digits with no letters in all cases. Click the 'i' information icon below for pictures.

Download the latest version of NAS Navigator for Windows or Mac OS

NOTE: For users running MacOS 10.13 or later, download and install the latest version of NAS Navigator2 from the Mac App Store.

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