Data Recovery Service


We care for your data!

  • Data loss due to user error? We have your back.
  • Secure data storage solution.
  • Included hard drives go through a rigorous quality control process. Learn more here.
  • Accidents happen, even with the included pre-tested hard drives.
  • Data recovery service offers fast, reliable, and secure data recovery solutions.

Special Offer: Free data recovery service for simple logical issues with data 

For registered devices, we offer free data recovery services for qualifying TeraStations that experienced simple logical data issues.

Qualifying Models for Business Users

With completed product registration, the following 5 product families will receive free data recovery services within original warranty terms.

Model Product
LinkStation SoHo Required 3 Years
TeraStation 3010 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 5010 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 6000 Series Required 3 Years
WS5020 Series Required 3 Years
WSH5610 Series Required 3 Years
TeraStation 51210 Series Required 5 Years


User Registration

To qualify for the free data recovery service, you must have your device pre-registered before it experiences errors.

Please register your product here.

  • If you registered your device already, you will be automatically qualified.

  • Please contact us if you do not remember whether you had registered your device in the past.

  •  If you cannot find your product model information, please contact us at

Service Details

Please read the following conditions before you apply for evaluation:

  • No data recovered = No Charge.

  • No shipping fee (Buffalo will provide the shipping label).

  • Buffalo Data Recovery Service is available only for Buffalo HDD devices (NAS: LinkStation, TeraStation/ DAS: DriveStation, MiniStation).

  • We will provide free evaluation regardless of whether the product is in warranty.

  • Data recovery service lead time can be up to 2 weeks after receiving customer agreement (depending on HDD condition, lead time may vary).

  • Please contact us if you need any special treatment (emergency service, NDA agreement, etc.).

  • Data recovery service is only available for users in USA & Canada.

  • Service is available only for devices purchased in USA & Canada.

Failure Level

Failure Level Examples
Logical Simple File system corruption
Complex User deleted data / reformatted the partition, volume, drives
Very Complex Error due to multiple factors
Physical Simple HDD Smart / Sector Error
Complex Damage on HDD head / media (= require to open HDD)
Very Complex Error due to multiple factors



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