Secure Your Data with Proactive Ransomware Protection

White Papers Dec 01, 2017

Protect your information from ransomware attacks 

Don’t let your information—your business—be taken hostage. Instead, take action to minimize the threat of ransomware and protect valuable data. Here is how Buffalo can help.

Be prepared when attacks occur

The best measure of defense is a proactive, good backup strategy and this is where you will find Buffalo’s ransomware solution most effective. By setting your storage device to automatically backup your data, you will always have a copy of your files if you are ever locked out of the original documents.

Ransomware attacks will typically lock your network attached storage (NAS), making it unusable. This diagram shows the process of copying and storing your data so that you do not have to ransom it back if it is ever locked or stolen.

method of ransomware protection

Make sure back-up drive is not shared on the network to prevent ransomware from infecting the drive. This begins the process of protecting your data.

Set the backup files to “read only” to prevent those files from being changed by ransomware.  You’ll still able to retrieve the data from previous backup versions.

Activate the Backup Device Access key to add another layer of security – so the share folder does not show up as a backup source.


Other Common Steps to Minimize Ransomware Attacks

ransomware protection shield from bugs 


                       Install Security Software.



         Only Open emails/attachments from trusted sender addresses.



               Keep PC OS and software updated.



We created a brief how-to video walking you through the implementation of your TeraStation in order to defend your data against ranswomware attacks.



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