Buffalo TeraStation 3010/5010 Reliability and Features

Dec 20, 2017

Buffalo TeraStation 3010/5010 Reliability and Features



Our TeraStation 3010 & 5010 Series comes with peace of mind included with upgrades to reliability and functionality.


Reliability - Stable performance with NAS-grade Hard Drives Included

Buffalo started to adopt NAS-grade HDDs on its TeraStation 5000 series and beyond which has resulted in signifigant improvements in quality & reliability . This has improved reliability & stability and has led to a decreased number of HDD failures reported since 2014.

With the launch of the new TeraStation family in 2017, Buffalo added an “Enterprise grade” lineup for our 12-bay model and expanded the NAS-grade HDD lineup to include the TeraStation 3010 series. 


Reliability - Duplex Firmware Feature prevents possible data loss and downtime

Duplex Firmware is an advanced recovery feature that makes TeraStations more secure from data corruption and data loss. Duplex Firmware creates more stabilized network storage performance and directly results in less system downtime without having to wait for an engineer to recover data.


Quickly restore the OS with the assistance of the Duplex Firmware feature without compromising data.

Now with Duplex Firmware, if you experience minor OS system issues, the TeraStation will then either begin the recovery process itself or allow for a recovery without affecting user data.



Feature - User Management (Advanced NTFS Permissions / Active Directory Support)



File permissions can now be controlled at the subfolder file level from Windows Explorer, making it possible to create new shares with unique permissions on demand from active directory.

  • Assign permissions to all levels of the shared directory structure
  • Manage all permissions from your domain account
  • Copy and Paste existing permission structures

TeraStation 3010 & 5010 devices now support up to 10,000 individual users.


Feature - Scalability Ready (Partial Populated lineup)

To meet immediate storage needs with a low initial investement while providing storage scalability for future needs, Buffalo offers scale-as-you-go lineups with an 8 bay desktop model and a 12 bay rackmount model.

By leaving open HDD space, you can add HDDs when it is necessary. This allows you to keep your initial cost low, while preparing for possible future capacity needs.




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