Video Surveillance - What’s Your Strategy?

White Papers Jan 16, 2018

Extend your surveillance data retention strategy.

Prices for surveillance cameras are dropping, which means more consumers and businesses are taking advantage of surveillance video for monitoring and security purposes. While capturing footage is one step in the process, storing it is another. Your camera’s storage capacity is limited. What happens when you go on vacation and that capacity runs low? What do you do if your business needs to access footage from the past? Deleting recently captured footage to create new space isn’t a viable strategy. You need to be thinking about how much footage you’re generating, how long you should keep it, and how you’re going to move it between devices.

Businesses are turning to Network Attached Storage (NAS)—and Buffalo NAS, in particular—as a reliable and budget friendly way to meet growing surveillance retention requirements. Buffalo TeraStation™ devices address privacy issues with built-in security features and offer a lower cost-per-TB storage add-on to preexisting server setups or stand-alone storage solutions. Devices offer a scalable storage approach allowing businesses to increase available storage as their demand grows.

Buffalo’s surveillance storage solutions deliver significant advantages, including:

Device compatibility – Buffalo TeraStations are compatible with most IP camera servers, making it easy and inexpensive to implement a storage strategy extending the capabilities of your existing video surveillance soltuion. TeraStasions can act as a secure and reliable cold storage target for footage that must be saved but not necessarily accessed in the near future.

Scalability for today and tomorrow – Select TeraStation devices are designed to scale as you go, which means you can grow your capacity to meet future requirements. Partially populated devices allow for a lower upfront cost as well as savings down the line when your storage requirements increase. Likewise, Buffalo’s DriveStation™ desktop hard drives offer easy direct connected storage expansion and backup capabilities when it comes time to offload older footage from your server or other NAS.

Flexible, powerful switches – Buffalo PoE switches are designed to work well with surveillance cameras and home automation as PoE allows you to place these devices anywhere in your home or office. In specific environments where you have multiple cameras feeding to a single server, we offer a 10 Gbe multi-gigabit business switch that prevents bottlenecks at the server.

Cost-efficiencies – As a dedicated manufacturer of storage, customers will also find that Buffalo’s storage offering is significantly less expensive per TB than the storage you can get from traditional surveillance vendors.

Ease and reliability – Buffalo NAS devices and switches are easy to use and proven to deliver high reliability. Buffalo’s technical experts are also on hand to provide additional pre- and post-sales assistance, if needed.

An effective video surveillance solution will enable you to store and access footage over a longer period of time. Start by choosing the right equipment, including Buffalo switches and TeraStations, and partner with a company that can address your specific needs today while keeping an eye to the future.


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