4 Reasons to Back Up Your Data

Technology Oct 29, 2015

Melinda Billingsley

Marketing Coordinator

What would you do if you lost all the data on your personal or work computer?  Without a data backup plan, that data is gone. All of those irreplaceable photos, important files – gone. Vanished. Forever.

Data loss can occur for many reasons, and backing up data should be essential to your digital life. Yet so many people experience data loss and have no recovery plan. You hear it all the time – it’s important to back up your data. Why?

Here are four reasons to have a data backup plan and keep all your important files safe.

1.       Data loss can happen to anyone
When it comes to protecting your data, especially important files, it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are many ways data loss can occur unexpectedly – theft, computer virus, physical damage, hard drive failure, etc., and you don’t want to be the one without a backup plan. Prevent complete data loss and back up those files!

2.       Effects of data loss can be costly
Often times, businesses that experience major data loss are not able to recover from it without a proper backup plan. The cost of backing up data, whether it’s an external storage device or through the cloud, is minor compared to the loss of business or time and resources it takes to recreate lost data.

3.       Access your data from different locations
Setting up a comprehensive backup plan involves backing up your data in multiple locations. This provides more convenient and accessible storage, especially with mediums such as the cloud, where data is accessible anywhere over the Internet. With the proper backup plan, your data is both safer and more convenient.

4.       There are many ways to back up data
For personal use and small to medium businesses, some data backup options include portable hard drives, USB flash drives, desktop hard drives, network attached storage and cloud services. You might even have the option to schedule automatic backups, so you don’t even have to remember to do it yourself! With so many options available for data backup, there is no excuse not to regularly back up data, or the important files at least.


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